Corn Comments 10.20 – A Commitment To Research

- Mobile Link During this week’s Corn Comments, Jim Woster talks about the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council’s commitment to research through the state’s land grant university, South Dakota State. Since 1997, SDCUC has committed around $8 million towards corn-related research at SDSU. Woster also congratulates SDCUC Executive Director Lisa Richardson on being named a Distinguished Alumni […]

PUMP explains oil’s monopoly, explores options

- It’s no secret; oil has had a monopolistic hold on America’s transportation fuel supply for nearly a century. This has undoubtedly hurt American families due to high and volatile gasoline prices, along with nasty and harmful emissions that continue to pollute the air we breathe. With laws, regulations, subsidies and about everything seemingly in their […]

Corn Comments 10.13 – Pheasant Opener

- Mobile Link Jim Woster kicks off this week’s Corn Comments with a reminder of the pheasant opener this coming Saturday. Good luck to all of the hunters, stay safe out there. Did you know that corn prices are less than half of what they were a year ago? Funny how those who blamed so many […]

The STB takes action

- The Surface Transportation Board took action on Wednesday afternoon in an effort to help relieve the ongoing railroad backlogs that continue to hurt shippers of agricultural products in the upper Great Plains. The STB stated on their website that this new rule will “promote industry-wide transparency, accountability, and improved service.” The order requires all Class […]

Consumer Reports publishes, promotes misinformation on GMOs

- *This post comes from our friends at the National Corn Growers Association  A report recently published by Consumer Reports contains several factual errors and promotes misinformation in a way that is counter to that publication’s stated mission, the National Corn Growers Association said today. “Claims made in reference to the amount of testing GMO products […]

Corn Comments 10.6 – Farmers Feed the World

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster talks about the challenges farmers face when it comes to feeding a growing world. With only so much fertile land and water available, farmers are finding ways to grow more per acre with less water, less energy and fewer inputs all while protecting the environment. […]

Study details agriculture’s enormous impact in SD

- $25.6 billion (that’s billion with a b). That’s how much economic activity the agriculture industry in South Dakota generates annually according to a new study published by the state’s department of agriculture. The 2012 numbers in the study reveal that the $25 billion plus generated by agriculture accounted for more than 30% the state’s entire […]

Corn #harvest14 has begun

- Here we go!!! — matt bainbridge (@BainbridgeAG) September 29, 2014 It’s official, combines have been spotted slowly rolling across corn fields in South Dakota gathering what could be another record breaking crop in 2014. The evidence seen above is a tweet from Matt Bainbridge, a family farmer from Ethan. The United States Department of […]

Corn Comments 9.29 – SD Corn launches website, mobile app

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster introduces South Dakota Corn’s new website and mobile app. We recently updated our website making it mobile optimized and easier for folks to navigate through our different campaigns, facts, showplot and policy information. In addition to a new and improved website, we also have a […]

Conservation Compliance Resources

- The United States Department of Agriculture’s National Resource Conservation Service recently released information to educate growers about the changes surrounding Conservation Compliance now being tied to Federal Crop Insurance as it was passed in the new Farm Bill. The available resources include a: Website Fact Sheet FAQs on Conservation Compliance for Crop Insurance Participants For […]