When a doctor prescribes fear

- Let’s not beat around the bush. Dr. Oz is an extremely successful television host, but he is also a hack when it comes to health facts. This is especially true when he talks about GMOs and biotechnology. Yesterday, without any data or research on his side, Dr. Oz orchestrated a monstrosity demonizing a herbicide (DOW […]

Corn Comments 9.22 – Commitment to Conservation

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster reflects back to yesteryear when trees in South Dakota were uncommon in most areas. Much has changed since those days, but the commitment to conservation through the planting of trees still remains high across the plains. In 2013, South Dakota farmers and landowners planted 625,143 trees, according to […]

Silage Season

- While corn harvest has started in the southern to central areas of the United States, South Dakota farmers are in the middle of silage season. Choppers are making their way through cornfields mincing the plants into feed for dairy and/or beef cattle for the coming year. For those unfamiliar with how the silage process works, […]

Record Corn Crop Predicted in SD, US

- America’s farmers continue to overproduce. It’s what they do best, especially if Mother Nature decides to play along during the growing season. Year after year, our farmers continue to grow abundant, affordable and sustainable supplies of food, feed, fuel and fiber for folks at home and abroad. This trend of success will more than likely […]

Corn Comments 9.15 – Beef Bowl & Ag Appreciation Day

- Mobile Link There’s a lot going on in South Dakota when it comes to agriculture and football this coming weekend. The Beef Bowl takes place on Saturday (September 20th) in Brookings with a beef barbecue starting at 3:30pm before the South Dakota State University Jackrabbit football game at 6pm. On the same day in Vermillion, the […]

Corn Comments 9.8 – SD Farms are Family Farms

- Mobile Link Did you know that 98% of the farms in South Dakota are family farms? It’s true. In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster visits about how large and small family owned and operated farms and ranches dot the landscape across South Dakota and continue to improve in their ability to feed a […]

Senator Thune to introduce bill strengthening Surface Transportation Board

- The following is a press release from Senator Thune’s office about a bipartisan plan to introduce legislation that will strengthen the Surface Transportation Board following months of railroad service delays and backlogs that have hurt farmers, ethanol plants and other agribusinesses in South Dakota. ********** WASHINGTON, D.C. –Senators John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV (D-WV) and Senator […]

Good news for the RFS?

- It has been nearly one year since the United States Environmental Protection Agency released its proposed 2014 numbers lowering the Renewable Fuel Standard (a target mandate declaring how much renewable fuel the United States will consume). A proposal that could be potentially damaging to America’s corn farmers and biofuel producers who have grown into an […]

Oil continues to rule the rail

- As family farmers, grain co-ops, ethanol plants and other agribusinesses continue to suffer from poor rail service for nearly a year now, oil shipments on the rails continue to climb. This is according to the United States Energy Information Administration whose data shows oil carloads topping 15,000 per week and continuing to rise. How does […]

Corn Comments 9.1 – Social Media Storytelling

- Mobile Link: http://sdcorn.s3.amazonaws.com/content/uploads/2014/09/9.1.14-R140901-CC.mp3 In this week’s Corn Comments, Woster visits about how South Dakota Corn is telling agriculture’s story through social media. You can now connect with South Dakota Corn on new mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Vine and of coarse this very blog, SDCornblog.org Farmers have a great story to tell, they are growing more food, feed, fuel and fiber with […]