SD Farmers Practice Earth Day, Every Day

- Yes, even farmers celebrate Earth Day. But the fact is that most don’t simply celebrate one day a year, but instead have a body of work that makes a positive difference every single day. Over the past decades, farmers have taken enormous steps by altering their practices in order to take better care of the […]

Corn Comments 4.20 – Research, Promotion and More

- Mobile Link Jim Woster chats during this week’s Corn Comments segment about the work being done by the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council. On the research front, South Dakota Corn continues to invest checkoff dollars into research activities including the mitigation of saline/sodic soils, water management, the study of mycrorhyzae and a new best management practices […]

This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Planter

-   Multiple monitors, an iPad, bluetooth devices, and more. While this sounds like a white-collar office environment, it’s actually the scene in a modern tractor cab during planting season. Modern advances in planting have been driven by precision hardware, software and GPS technology which now play a major part in achieving yield and efficiency goals […]

The Importance of Trade in South Dakota

- Global trade and exports have become a vital part of the South Dakota economy. There were 939 different South Dakota companies exporting goods in 2013, 75% of which were considered small or medium-sized businesses. Their total value of goods exported totaled over $1.6 billion which supporting thousands of jobs. But leading the way in exports […]

Corn Planters Seen Rolling in South Dakota

- Well it’s official, corn planting season began in South Dakota over the weekend near Parker. And others have begun today near Emery. Warm and dry weather has aided in the early start as South Dakota State Climatologist Dennis Todey reported that 4-inch deep soil temperatures were above 50 degrees in certain areas of the state, […]

Corn Comments 4.13 – Volunteer Leadership

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster discusses the newly elected leadership for the South Dakota Corn Growers and Council, and urges listeners to become an SDCGA member. If you’re interested in becoming a member of the South Dakota Corn Growers Associaiton, visit or call the office at 605-334-0100. Grow with us, […]

Senator Thune discusses rail reform with ag leaders

- South Dakota’s senior U.S. Senator John Thune held a roundtable discussion with a group of farmers, commodity organizations and agribusiness representatives this morning in Sioux Falls at the South Dakota Corn office to visit about rail reform legislation and to take input on rail service issues. Recently, Senator Thune along with Senator Bill Nelson of […]

SD corn farmers to invest $2 billion in 2015 crop

- Even as the price per bushel has fallen more than 25% in the last year, it’s still extremely expensive to grow corn. So how much does it cost? The answer can be complicated, but using the South Dakota State Extension 2015 Crop Budget Calculator, the average cost to raise an acre of corn in South […]

Corn Comments 4.6 – Register for the Corn Cob Open

-   Mobile Link Jim Woster tees off early with some tidbits about the South Dakota Corn Growers Association’s 24th annual Corn Cob Open! This year’s event will be held on June 18th at the Spring Creek Country Club near Harrisburg and includes two flights with the first starting at 8am and the second at 2pm. Each flight […]

SD farmers planted 719,881 trees in ‘14

- While trees are not entirely native to the rolling plains of South Dakota, they have been an important soil conservation tool across the state’s landscape since the first pioneers arrived and remain so today on modern family farms. Farmers, the true environmentalists, have taken their share of unfair criticism during the past few years from […]