Al Miron District 2

Al Miron of rural Sioux Falls has farmed for more than four decades, but that wasn’t necessarily what his parents had in mind for their son when he was growing up.

“I always wanted to farm since I was in high school. At that time, in the 1960s, it wasn’t necessarily encouraged by parents,” he said.

So, after graduating from Forest Lake (Minn.) High School, he enrolled at the University of Minnesota. There, he earned a bachelor’s degree in dairy science. He stayed at the university to pursue postgraduate studies, and also rented land, juggling classes with farming.

Miron earned his master’s and doctorate degrees in nutrition, with an emphasis in ruminant nutrition for dairy and beef animals. Then, as fate would have it, he found himself needed back on the family farm because his father suffered a serious farming injury. Al took over the farm for a year, managing the dairy and crop operation, while his father recovered.

In 1970, Miron took a job in South Dakota, working in the feed operation for a company that is now CHS. He started his own farm in 1972, but continued to work at CHS for 30 years, followed by nine years at Land O’Lakes. He farmed that entire time.

Miron farms 660 acres of corn and soybeans in a no-till operation. He said some of the most-important things facing today’s farmers are environmental issues, particularly preservation of our soil resources.

Miron is active in the American Dairy Science Association, American Society of Animal Science, South Dakota Soybean Association and American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. He serves on boards for the Southeast Research Farm at Beresford and the South Dakota Health Coalition. He also is active in church activities.

He and his wife, Joan, have three children, David, James and Jennifer.