Corn Comments- August 21

- How much sweet corn is grown right here in South Dakota? The answer may surprise you.          

Corn Comments- August 14

- Ethanol has an vital role here in South Dakota, this week Jim Woster takes a look at just how important it really is

Corn Comments- August 7

- Social media, we may not all use it, but it does have an impact in our digital world! Jim Woster talks this week on how South Dakota Corn utilizes social media to spread their message to the people of South Dakota.

Corn Comments- July 17

- Times may be tough right now in the agriculture industry, especially in South Dakota, but Jim Woster has some encouraging words on this week’s installment of ‘Corn Comments’    

Corn Comments- June 26

- Are you a member of the South Dakota Corn Growers?? If you aren’t or need to renew your membership, Jim Woster talks about the benefits of being a member and why signing up by June 30th is in your best interest!

Corn Comments- June 19

- It’s proved to be a tough growing season already for farmers of South Dakota, drought has hit and hit hard. But SD farmers are resilient and will come out on the other side stronger than before. Jim Woster touches on those challenges,along with a recap of last week’s Corn Cob open.

Corn Comments- June 12

- It can be easy to forget the benefits of putting Ethanol in your vehicle, but this week Jim Woster reminds just why it’s a good idea to do so. Also a new member has joined the SD Corn staff, listen up to hear more.

Corn Comments- June 5

- It’s time to dust off those golf clubs, the annual Corn Cob Open is only 10 days away! Jim Woster gives us all the details in this week’s corn comments.

Corn Comments- May 29

- Another year, another South Dakota Showdown Series! We congratulate the University of South Dakota on this year’s victory over SDSU for the Showdown Series title. From this rivalry comes something great, 70,000 dollars was raised during this event and was given to Feeding South Dakota.

Corn Comments- May 22

- In this week’s installment of Corn Comments, Jim Woster talks about the impact South Dakota corn farmers have on our state and the agriculture industry. A big thanks to all our corn farmers and everything that they do!