Corn Comments- June 12

- It can be easy to forget the benefits of putting Ethanol in your vehicle, but this week Jim Woster reminds just why it’s a good idea to do so. Also a new member has joined the SD Corn staff, listen up to hear more.

Corn Comments- June 5

- It’s time to dust off those golf clubs, the annual Corn Cob Open is only 10 days away! Jim Woster gives us all the details in this week’s corn comments.

Corn Comments- May 29

- Another year, another South Dakota Showdown Series! We congratulate the University of South Dakota on this year’s victory over SDSU for the Showdown Series title. From this rivalry comes something great, 70,000 dollars was raised during this event and was given to Feeding South Dakota.

Corn Comments- May 22

- In this week’s installment of Corn Comments, Jim Woster talks about the impact South Dakota corn farmers have on our state and the agriculture industry. A big thanks to all our corn farmers and everything that they do!

Corn Comments – May 15

- Did you know that May is World Trade Month! Listen to our very own Jim Woster discuss the importance of agriculture trade and its many benefits!  

Corn Comments – May 8

- The extremely popular Corn Cob Open golf tournament is a little more than a month away, Jim Woster reminds us. The 26th annual 4-player scramble will take place June 15 at Spring Creek Country Club. Because his game isn’t in tip-top shape yet, Woster says he won’t be golfing, but instead will concentrate on something […]

Corn Comments – May 1

- In this week’s Corn Comments, Jim Woster discusses the many postsecondary opportunities available in the state as well as employment opportunities in the field of agriculture.

Corn Comments – April 24

- Foresight and determination fueled the success of South Dakota’s ethanol industry, Jim Woster notes in this week’s Corn Comments. That industry not only produces renewable fuel, but also provides the livestock industry with distillers grains, a valuable feed source. “Corn and livestock truly go hand in hand.”  

Corn Comments – April 17

- The Stockyards Ag Experience Barn at Falls Park in Sioux Falls rekindles the history of the Sioux Falls Stockyards and also presents a Farm-to-Table story. Learn more about the new exhibit, and get information about the popular Corn Cob Open in this week’s Corn Comments by Jim Woster.  

Corn Comments – April 10

- By using sound production practices, farmers are improving the environment while using less energy and at the same time increasing production. Jim Woster looks at conservation efforts in this week’s Corn Comments.