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Not ready? Wondering why should you become a member of the South Dakota Corn Grower’s Association?

  • We exist to protect your ability to farm freely and profitably. Through lobbying and education, we represent corn growers in Pierre, Washington, D.C., and in the media.
  • We alert you immediately about issues that affect your business. Stay on top of legislation, technology and education through our member communications. 
  • We promote your business. SDCGA promotes ethanol, research, new marketing opportunities and emerging uses.
  • We help you get connected. You have the opportunity to network at SDCGA events and to get involved with committees and leadership. 
  • Great incentives. With your membership, you get special incentives plus preferred rates for SDCGA events and the annual NCGA/ASA Commodity Classic. 

Membership Levels

$800 Lifetime Membership (SDCGA & NCGA)

  • $150 toward seed purchases
  • 12-month subscription to DTN Six Factors®
  • $25 in ethanol bucks

$200 Three-year Membership (SDCGA & NCGA)

  • $90 toward seed purchases
  • 12-month subscription to DTN Six Factors®

$150 One-year Membership (SDCGA & NCGA)

DTN Six Factors®

With a 3-year or Lifetime membership, you will receive a 12-month subscription to DTN Six Factors (value: $480) Marketing Strategies, our innovative market advisory service designed to help increase your profitability while producing input costs.

  • Get industry-specific market analysis and recommendations daily.
  • Easy-to-follow charts allow you to make informed decisions to earn better margins per acre, head or cwt.
  • Our clear, concise guidance is designed for all levels of marketers: novices, experts and cash and future traders.

Seed and Ethanol Certificates

Lifetime members receive five $30 Seed Certificates and $25 in Free Ethanol. With a three-year membership, you receive three $30 Seed Certificates. Use these certificates for $30 off a hybrid seed purchase of $100 or more from any of these supporting seed companies:

  • Heine Seeds
  • Great Lakes Hybrids
  • Hoegemeyer Hybrids
  • Legend Seeds
  • Mustang Seeds
  • Nortec Seeds
  • Pannar Seed
  • Pioneer
  • Proseed
  • REA Hybrids
  • Renze Hybrids
  • Seeds 2000
  • Wensman Seed

About QuickRoots

The microorganisms in QuickRoots™ have been shown to increase availability of certain plant nutrients and can increase plant nutrient uptake. QuickRoots releases plant available phosphorus, which has been shown to increase root mass allowing the plant to explore a greater volume of soil. Increased plant nutrient availability will often lead to increased plant health and vigor which can translate into a yield response. For more information, contact TJ Technologies at 1-866-819-8231, or visit the company’s website.