Ready to join? You can join online or by downloading this application and putting it in the mail.

Not ready? Wondering why should you become a member of the South Dakota Corn Grower’s Association?

  • We exist to protect your ability to farm freely and profitably. Through lobbying and education, we represent corn growers in Pierre, Washington, D.C., and in the media.
  • We alert you immediately about issues that affect your business. Stay on top of legislation, technology and education through our member communications. 
  • We promote your business. SDCGA promotes ethanol, research, new marketing opportunities and emerging uses.
  • We help you get connected. You have the opportunity to network at SDCGA events and to get involved with committees and leadership. 
  • Great incentives. With your membership, you get special incentives plus preferred rates for SDCGA events and the annual NCGA/ASA Commodity Classic. 

Membership Levels

$800 Lifetime Membership (SDCGA & NCGA)

  • $150 toward seed purchases
  • 12-month subscription to DTN Six Factors®
  • $25 in ethanol bucks

$200 Three-year Membership (SDCGA & NCGA)

  • $90 toward seed purchases
  • 12-month subscription to DTN Six Factors®

$150 One-year Membership (SDCGA & NCGA)

DTN Six Factors®

With a 3-year or Lifetime membership, you will receive a 12-month subscription to DTN Six Factors (value: $480) Marketing Strategies, our innovative market advisory service designed to help increase your profitability while producing input costs.

  • Get industry-specific market analysis and recommendations daily.
  • Easy-to-follow charts allow you to make informed decisions to earn better margins per acre, head or cwt.
  • Our clear, concise guidance is designed for all levels of marketers: novices, experts and cash and future traders.

Seed and Ethanol Certificates

Lifetime members receive five $30 Seed Certificates and $25 in Free Ethanol. With a three-year membership, you receive three $30 Seed Certificates. Use these certificates for $30 off a hybrid seed purchase of $100 or more from any of these supporting seed companies:

  • Heine Seeds
  • Great Lakes Hybrids
  • Hoegemeyer Hybrids
  • Legend Seeds
  • Mustang Seeds
  • Nortec Seeds
  • Pannar Seed
  • Pioneer
  • Proseed
  • REA Hybrids
  • Renze Hybrids
  • Seeds 2000
  • Wensman Seed