SDCGA works to promote corn, improve corn profitability, and influence public policy and legislative efforts. SDCGA is only as strong as our membership base: The more members we have, the stronger and more clout we carry legislatively.


Your membership with SDCGA starts when you download and complete your application.


You can also become a member online through the National Corn Growers Association's membership system.


Through SDCGA membership, your voice as a South Dakota corn producer will be heard. With our membership dollars*, we have been able to hire a lobbyist who tracks agricultural legislation during each session and makes sure SDCGA's position on key issues like taxes, agriculture production, ethanol and livestock development are understood. And the strength of our membership has allowed us to lobby our congressional delegation on the Farm Bill, wetlands reform, conservation practices and a renewable fuels standard, just to name a few of the many important issues we face.

Membership is open to all corn producers and representatives of allied industries. Membership fees are:

  • Lifetime SDCGA + NCGA Membership  $800
    (Includes five $30.00 seed certificates, a 12-month subscription to DTN Six Factors and a $50 QuickRoots certificate)

  • Three-year SDCGA + NCGA Membership — $200
    (Includes three $30.00 seed certificates, a 12-month subscription to DTN Six Factors and a $25 QuickRoots certificate)

  • One-year SDCGA + NCGA Membership  $150

*Membership dues paid to SDCGA are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes. The non-deductible portion of your SDCGA membership dues that is allocable to lobbying is 100 percent.

DTN Six Factors

With a 3-year or Lifetime membership, you will receive a 12-month subscription to DTN Six Factors (value: $480) Marketing Strategies, our innovative market advisory service designed to help increase your profitability while producing input costs.

  • Get industry-specific market analysis and reccomendations daily.
  • Easy-to-follow charts allow you to make informed decisions to earn better margins per acre, head or cwt.
  • Our clear, concise guidance is designed for all levels of marketers: novices, experts and cash and future traders.


Seed and Ethanol Certificates

  • Lifetime membership and receive five $30 Seed Certificates and $25 in Free Ethanol.
  • 3-year membership and receive three $30 Seed Certificates.

Seed Certificates can be used for $30 off a hybrid seed purchase of $100 or more from any of these supporting seed companies:

  • Heine Seeds
  • Great Lakes Hybrids
  • Hoegemeyer Hybrids
  • Legend Seeds
  • Mustang Seeds
  • Nortec Seeds
  • Pannar Seed
  • Proseed
  • REA Hybrids
  • Renze Hybrids
  • Seeds 2000
  • Wensman Seed


QuickRoots Certificate Program

Join SDCGA at the 3-year or Lifetime level and receive a certificate towards a $100 minimum purchase of QuickRoots™. $25 certificate for 3-year membership or $50 for a Lifetime membership.

About QuickRoots
The microorganisms in QuickRoots™ have been shown to increase availability of certain plant nutrients and can increase plant nutrient uptake. QuickRoots releases plant available phosphorous, which has been shown to increase root mass allowing the plant to explore a greater volume of soil. Increased plant nutrient availability will often lead to increased plant health and vigor which can translate into a yield response. For more information, contact TJ Technologies at 1-866-819-8231, or visit their Website.


Other SDCGA membership benefits

To help corn producers be more profitable, you'll receive

  • Ethanol information and promotion campaigns

  • Receive the SDCGA quarterly newsletter

  • And information on new uses for corn, specialty hybrids and marketing opportunities

To reduce the cost of doing business, you'll receive

To help develop a competitive advantage, you'll receive

  • The latest in information and technology at the SDCGA annual meeting

  • The latest information on farmer-owned, value-added opportunities

  • And eligibility for membership perks, like invitations to legislative forums, town hall meetings, educational seminars and golf tournaments

Please contact us with any questions you may have about SDCGA membership.