Corn Comments 9.26 – Ideas into actions


Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster.

The emergence and progress of the ethanol industry has clearly benefited the corn farmers and fuel consumers in our state and will continue to for years to come. Moving towards next generation biofuels will be a part of the industries’ continued success and it’s taking place right here in South Dakota.

Gevo and Redfield Energy have teamed up to retrofit their ethanol plant in Redfield, SD to produce isobutanol beginning in late 2012. The plant is expected to produce 38 million gallons per year. A gallon of isobutanol gets better vehicle mileage than that of ethanol and produces the same amount of high-quality distillers grain.

“Isobutanol provides an excellent opportunity to expand our potential markets, improve our profit margins, and create a more predictable and sustainable business.”  said Tom Hitchcock, Redfield Energy CEO.

Ideas into actions, which is what South Dakota agriculture is all about.