Fake issues, real job loss

Congratulations to the originators of the term, “Pink Slime,” you have officially put over 700 hard-working Americans out of a job. By not fully understanding the product yourself, your reckless reporting on a healthy, affordable, lean protein source scared millions for absolutely no reason which in turn led to a full-fledged misinformation epidemic across the entire nation.

The results have been devastating with lay-offs from blue collar to white, along with the closing of three plants at Beef Products Inc., headquartered in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota.

Is this what journalism has come to in today’s culture? When did grabbing a headline at the expense of so many jobs, ranches and families become acceptable?

Lean finely textured beef remains to be a quality source of protein regardless of the damage done by the false media blitz. What no longer remains are the incomes for hundreds of families and the market stability for thousands of our nations’ family farms and ranches that continue to face uncertainty not because of market fundamentals, but catchy headlines.


2 thoughts on “Fake issues, real job loss

  1. Mamaof2

    I grew up on my family’s farm here in SD and am very interested in this issue. Can you write up a counter with the facts to the misinformation that was given? I have no idea what the facts are, so please enlighten me…it would be very helpful.

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