POLL: Americans want/need renewable fuel options


In a public opinion poll released yesterday from Fuels America, the results overwhelmingly shown that Americans have a strong desire for renewable fuel options and support the renewable fuel standard.

  • 80% of Americans think we should be using more renewable fuel.
  • 75% of Americans want more renewable fuel options at the pump.
  • 73% favor the Renewable Fuel Standard.
  • 69% of Americans believe that replacing oil imports with renewable fuel production is “critical” to national security.


Additionally a majority of those polled blamed the oil industry for high gas prices, and those same folks indicated that their families are hurting financially from gasoline price volatility.

  • 59% of consumers blame the oil industry for high gas prices
  • 55% of consumers said that if gas prices go up, they would be likely to take fewer road trips to visit friends and family.
  • 27% eat out less.
  • 17% percent cut back on shopping for clothes.
  • 12% percent spend less on birthday and holiday gifts.


Cuts are being made to family spending so big oil companies (50% of which goes overseas) can fill their pockets. Enough is enough, American consumers clearly want more access to renewable fuels and they deserve the right to have those choices.