Corn Comments 5.24 – Game Changer



In this week’s Corn Comments Podcast, Jim Woster reflects on the state of farming 20 years ago versus where things are at today. What has been the biggest game changer in the past two decades? The answer for South Dakota is easily the emergence of the ethanol industry. Learn more about the benefits of ethanol in this week’s segment.


One thought on “Corn Comments 5.24 – Game Changer

  1. dick krier

    It feels good to have been a part (tho small) in this great success story. We need to get away from all foreign oil ASAP. I supervised the the first chemical(Gramoxone) application for the first no-till planting of sunflowers and rapeseed in Lethbridge Alberta in 1962. No-till was “0” at that time. Many thousands of people have worked many thousands of hours to achieve the present success. Thanks to them all.

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