Corn Comments 9.22 – Commitment to Conservation



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In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster reflects back to yesteryear when trees in South Dakota were uncommon in most areas. Much has changed since those days, but the commitment to conservation through the planting of trees still remains high across the plains.

In 2013, South Dakota farmers and landowners planted 625,143 trees, according to the South Dakota Association of Conservation Districts. Enough trees to stretch from South Dakota to Dallas, Texas (about 770 miles).

In 2012, those same folks planted 861,625 trees. Enough to stretch from Sioux Falls to Seattle and back.

Tree planting statistics from the past several years have shown an increased commitment by farmers and landowners to the environment. South Dakotans have planted more windbreaks during the last 14 years than they did in the previous 26 before that.