Corn Comments: Tell Your Story


Peggy Greenway, a family farmer from the Mitchell area is a rock star when it comes to telling agriculture’s story on social media.


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In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Woster encourages folks involved in agriculture to tell their story via social media. As the saying goes, if farmers don’t tell their story, someone else will gladly tell it for them.

If you’re already using different social media channels life Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram, that’s great. If you’re nervous or not sure about using social media, look to your peers. South Dakota has a number of farmers effectively using social media, but there are a few who stand out from the rest:

Peggy Greenway – @greenwaypork

Keith Alverson – @cornfarmerkeith

Kara Kayser – @karakayser

South Dakota Corn has also created a list of farmers you can follow on twitter.