Corn yield winners announced; 1 entry tops 294 bushels/acre

Timely rains helped many South Dakota farmers grow record crops in 2016 and that’s reflected in the results of an annual corn yield contest sponsored by the South Dakota Corn Growers Association.

Nine winning entries topped 280 bushels per acre. The highest yield was 294.35 bushels per acre in the irrigated category, produced by repeat winner Kory Standy of Platte. Scott McKee of Hawarden, Iowa, who farms in South Dakota, is a first-place winner for the fourth consecutive year, claiming honors in the non-irrigated category .

The South Dakota contest is held in conjunction with the National Corn Yield Contest, which is in its 52nd year. Nationally, 7,972 entries were received and five surpassed the 400-bushels-per-acre mark.

Here’s a list of South Dakota winners, including seed brand, hybrid and yield.

RANK/NAME/CITY                                                    BRAND                     HYBRID                    YIELD


  1. Scott McKee, Hawarden, Iowa                        Dekalb                       DKC62-97RIB           288.92
  2. Eric Kroupa, Pukwana                                      Dekalb                       DKC62-97RIB           285.10
  3. Dean Bosse, Elk Point                                      Pioneer                      P1197AM                   284.55

No-till/strip-till Non-Irrigated

  1. Zachary McKee, Hawarden, Iowa                     Pioneer                     P1197AMXT              287.27
  2. Kurt Hoeft, Mellette                                            Dekalb                      DKC49-72RIB          276.00
  3. Travis Swisher Groton                                        Dekalb                      DKC46-79RIB          270.97


  1. Kory Standy, Platte                                             Dekalb                      DKC62-97RIB          294.35
  2. LaRohn Hagena, Davis                                       Pioneer                     P1197AM                  289.56
  3. Jarrod Hagena, Hurley                                       Pioneer                     P0157AMX               283.38

No-till/strip till irrigated

  1. Val Mosel, Pukwana                                            Dekalb                     DKC60-67RIB          289.97
  2. Darren Mosel, Chamberlain                                Dekalb                     DKC62-97RIB          283.79
  3. Samuel Waldner, Huron                                      Pioneer                    PO589AM                268.97