Wes Chambers Industry Representative

Wes Chambers of Yankton always loved being around the farm when he was growing up but said that ultimately there wasn’t room for him. So, he chose a profession that allowed him to work closely with farmers every day.

“To say I work for the farmers and ranchers who feed the world is something I am very proud of,” says Chambers, who is regional vice president of Farm Credit Services of America.

Chambers says the most important issue facing today’s grain farmers is finding ways to extract a premium from what they produce.

“Current margins are very tight and whether it’s through marketing, production or vertical integration, producers must extract value to be paid for the work they do.”

After graduating from Platte High School, Chambers earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics from South Dakota State University. He is a graduate of the Midwest Agricultural Bank School and has served on many chamber ag committees in the communities where he has lived.

He and his wife Tracy have two adult children: Savannah and Connor. When he’s not working, Chambers attends sporting events with his family and promotes youth sports “as I believe life lessons are best taught on the playing field.” He is also an avid long-distance runner and outdoorsman.