Fall Corn

Abbey Bruner

Executive Assistant

Born and raised in McCook, Nebraska. Abbey was not a farm girl, but spent many weekends with friends on their farms and admits she "may still be slightly scarred to this day from the fun we had on those rural outings." When smelling cattle manure, she feels at home, since there's a Timmerman’s feedlot near McCook.

Abbey confesses she gets "overly giddy" when visiting the farm animals at the fair. "I love them all and can't wait to pet them and talk to them," she shares.

Abbey left home at age 16, moving to Sioux Falls with a local McCook boy who was straight out of welding school. They fell in love with South Dakota and haven't left yet! Abbey attended Kilian Community College, married that boy, bought a house, made a family, and raised two boys into adulthood. She and her husband John are now enjoying their empty nest.

When she's not handling the many diverse tasks of SD Corn's front office, Abbey enjoys spending time with family, nurturing her 29 houseplants, and reading books about serial killers. If you've met Abbey in person, we bet you didn't guess at least ONE of those facts!