Fall Corn

Alison Klinkhammer

Executive Assistant

Alison is proud to come to SD Corn from a farming background. Her family has a long history of farming on the great plains, including being a descendant of one of the founding families of Bridgewater, South Dakota.

As a child, Alison grew up watching her father leave early in the morning and return late at night from the grain elevator that he worked at for many years. In the spring and fall when he was working long hours, Alison would ride her bike to visit him and hang out in the office while he worked with farmers. She fondly remembers watching grain particles floating in the air, almost like snow coming down from the sky.

After high school, she spent some time as a free spirit while she figured out how she wanted to spend her adult years. She found her way to the University of South Dakota, where she received her Bachelor’s of Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting and a minor in legal studies. Following graduation, she spent many years balancing working in the health insurance industry and raising her son with the help of her parents.

While she thrived in the health insurance industry, after almost 18 years she decided it was time for a change. That’s how she found her way to SD Corn. She was looking for something that was more impactful for the residents of South Dakota. When asked what she likes best about South Dakota Corn, Alison said, "I love working for farmers. After all, they are the backbone of this fine state."

In her free time, Alison spends time with family, watching her son play baseball, and spoiling the two family dogs, Toby and Teddy. Most Saturdays, she can be found making some sort of breakfast for her parents, son, and some of her 5 siblings, who are regular house guests. Immediately after breakfast they usually play a spirted card game of Complainin’ Rummy. Alison also loves entertaining and party planning. She enjoys baking special desserts and homemade candy. When she’s not spending time with her family, she can be found at a sporting event spectating, enjoying live music at a concert, or taking in a show.