Everyone Wins at the South Dakota Showdown Series

- It’s the biggest rivalry in South Dakota collegiate sports—South Dakota State University (SDSU) versus the University of South Dakota (USD). Each year, the South Dakota Corn Growers Association (SDCGA) presents the South Dakota Showdown Series, a point-based athletic and academic competition between the two in-state universities. A traveling trophy floats between the two rivals. Points […]

Vote NO on Constitutional Amendment W

- Experimental. Un-elected. Harassment. Massachusetts. Four words that summarize the proposed Amendment W. The South Dakota Corn Growers Association urges a Vote No on Amendment W. Amendment W is Wrong – and here’s why: Proposal Not Invented Here. Amendment W finds its roots with Represent US, a Massachusetts-based non-profit organization with little or no connection to […]

Farmers Find the Balance Between Productive Cropland & Pheasant Habitat

- This fall, thousands of hunters from all over the world will be stepping into South Dakota fields to flush our famous state bird—the pheasant. It is a tradition that dates back to 1919, and one that South Dakota corn farmers support in many ways today. Recently, the South Dakota Game Fish & Parks (SDGFP) announced […]

- Editor’s note: There’s an outstanding lineup of speakers on tap for the South Dakota Corn Growers Association’s 33rd annual meeting, which will be held Jan. 19, 2019, in Sioux Falls. Each month, we’ll profile one of them. In this edition, we talked with Floyd Gaibler. As director of trade policy for the U.S. Grains Council, […]

- South Dakota farmers produce about 800 million bushels of corn a year. Half of that is used to make ethanol and nearly one-fifth is fed to livestock. But that leaves about 30 percent, or roughly 240 million bushels, that is transported out of the state, primarily to the Pacific Northwest where it will be shipped […]

- South Dakota voters will elect a new governor and a new U.S. representative Nov. 6. To provide insight into the candidates’ positions and views on agriculture, we have compiled profiles of those who are seeking the offices. Candidates for the U.S. seat are Democrat Tim Bjorkman, Republican Dusty Johnson, Libertarian George Hendrickson and Independent Ron […]

- A new turkey hatchery at the northeast edge of Beresford will provide a closer source of poults for turkey farms in South Dakota and throughout the Midwest. Hendrix Genetics, an animal breeding company, plans to begin operations at the $25 million hatchery in November. The facility will have a capacity to hatch 30 million turkey […]

- Ryan and Terry Wagner are reaping the rewards of three decades of no-till farming. The soil on their farm near Roslyn contains 5.1 percent organic matter, with a range from the low 4’s to upper 5’s in every field. The fields have a deep layer of topsoil and water infiltration is exceptional. Nearly 50 people […]

E-15 Gets Presidential Approval: A Huge Win for Farmers

- South Dakota corn farmers recently celebrated a big win with President Trump’s announcement on October 9 that he has approved making E-15 available all year long. “This is huge. Farmers won, the environment won and consumers won. It’s a win, win, win,” says Lisa Richardson, South Dakota Corn Growers Association (SDCGA) Executive Director. “This is […]

South Dakota Corn Invests in the Future of the Ag Industry

- South Dakota corn farmers are one step closer to seeing our state become the leader in precision agriculture. By better preparing students for up-and-coming careers in the agriculture industry, South Dakota State University (SDSU) will be setting the next generation of South Dakota corn farmers up for success—and providing them with excellent support in the […]