Corn Comments – September 23

- South Dakota has endured a tough time in the field and last week’s epic flooding certainly doesn’t help with the stress.  Listen to this week’s Corn Comments to hear more.  

Corn Comments – September 16

- Disaster payment information has been released.  Get the details by listening to this week’s Corn Comments.

Corn Comments – September 9

- This week’s Corn Comments is about farmer persistence and also how blessed we are here in South Dakota with the many options of colleges and tech schools for our graduates.

Corn Comments – September 2

- This week’s Corn Comments features one specific planting story of a farm family in South Dakota.

Corn Comments – August 26

- The Grow Your Way To Carbon workshop is on September 10.  Listen to this week’s Corn Comments for details.

Corn Comments – August 19

- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s recent decision to grant 31 small-refinery biofuel waivers is a huge blow to the ethanol industry and to South Dakota farmers.  Listen to this week’s Corn Comments.

Corn Comments – August 12

- SD Corn’s communication with farmers is changing a little bit.  Listen to this week’s edition of Corn Comments to find out more.