Campaign tells farming’s story

- Farmers need to tell the story of production agriculture and that’s what South Dakota Corn’s new marketing campaign does, Jim Woster says in this week’s Corn Comments. The latest round of This is Farming shows South Dakota farmers from unique perspectives. And don’t forget, the Corn Association’s annual meeting is Jan. 21 in Sioux Falls.

Corn Comments: SD Corn annual meeting Jan. 21

- The South Dakota Corn Growers Association’s 31st Annual Meeting is Jan. 21 and Jim Woster tells you what’s in store. There’s a strong lineup of presenters and much more. Now’s a good time to register. Read more at:

New corn manual is farmers’ guide to increased yields and profits

- Want to increase your corn yields? Looking for ways to improve your fertilizer program? Is your precision agricultural equipment giving you fits? A new publication produced by South Dakota State University (SDSU) specialists can help. The manual, “Best Management Practices for Corn Production in South Dakota,” is your unbiased, research-based guide to corn production. Partially […]

Corn Comments: Job opportunities in agriculture

- April 25, 2016 — Graduation season is approaching and in this week’s Corn Comments, Jim Woster reminds graduates that there are many career opportunities in the agricultural industry. For high school students who are weighing their future options, South Dakota’s colleges and technical schools have a lot to offer.      

Got a drone? Get it registered

-   The latest tool in precision agriculture is high-flying, aerial photography/light sensory taken via drone aka unmanned aircraft system commonly referred to as UAS. Their popularity is picking up among photographers, hobbyists and farmers who are using different software systems to monitor crop stress, excess moisture, pest pressure and nutrient deficiency in fields. Regulating these […]

What is mycorrhiza?

- Say it with me now, my–co-rhyz-ah. So what is it? Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) is beneficial fungi that lives in the soil and naturally provides phosphorus and other nutrients like zinc and copper to cash crops, reducing the need for expensive fertilizer inputs. AMF allows plant roots to explore 1,000 times more soil volume than […]

Water Management Webinar: Bioreactors

- A team of Extension specialists from several universities in the Upper Midwest are performing a series of monthly webinars (from July through December) on agricultural drainage water management and drainage water quality, with the third webinar taking place tomorrow, September 16th at 9am. The third webinar which is scheduled for tomorrow September 16th will be focused on bioreactors and will feature […]

Silage Season Has Begun

- Silage season has started in areas across South Dakota as choppers are making their way through cornfields mincing the plants into feed for dairy and/or beef cattle for the coming year. For those unfamiliar with how the silage process works, we have a video of silage harvest from South Dakota Corn Utilization Council director, Jason […]

Saline/Sodic Soil Information Available

- In South Dakota, saline and sodic soils are a serious problem as they inhibit plant growth and productivity. These soils affect an estimated 7.6 million acres of farmland across the state, concentrated mostly in the Upper James River area. Due to increased precipitation over the past decades the problem continues to get worse. The South […]

June is a dairy good month in SD

- Does your day include a glass of milk, slice of cheese or scoop of yogurt? Or how about the occasional ice cream cone? Those nutritious and tasty treats are made possible by the 350 hard-working family dairies who care for the 94,000 milk cows across South Dakota that produce roughly 650,000 gallons of milk each […]