Corn Comments- June 5

- It’s time to dust off those golf clubs, the annual Corn Cob Open is only 10 days away! Jim Woster gives us all the details in this week’s corn comments.

Got a drone? Get it registered

-   The latest tool in precision agriculture is high-flying, aerial photography/light sensory taken via drone aka unmanned aircraft system commonly referred to as UAS. Their popularity is picking up among photographers, hobbyists and farmers who are using different software systems to monitor crop stress, excess moisture, pest pressure and nutrient deficiency in fields. Regulating these […]

Brueggeman Brothers Corn #Harvest15

- Ride a few rounds in the combine with South Dakota Corn​ president Reno Brueggeman and get an aerial view of corn #harvest15 on his family’s farm near Miller.

Corn Comments – Biotechnology: The Key Ingredient

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster highlights a guest column on biotechnology by recent Milbank High School graduate Kiera Leddy which was featured in the March issue of South Dakota Corn’s Magazine, Emerge. Leddy, a young leader in her community, represented the Milbank FFA Chapter and the state of South Dakota in […]

SDSU to host Precision Ag Expo in Sioux Falls

-   South Dakota State University Extension along with industry partners will be hosting the Western Corn Belt Precision Ag Expo on March 17 & 18 at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. The event will be focusing on tools that allow farmers to increase their production and profitability. Those who have adopted and invested in any […]

#SDHarvest14 Photo Contest

- South Dakota boasts some beautiful scenery each fall. From bright skies to vast fall foliage and crops being collected, the scenery across rural parts of the plains can be picturesque to say the least. In an effort to share and appreciate those sights with one another, South Dakota Corn has decided to host a South […]

Mobile apps for farmers

- Smart phones have taken over our world as nearly everything folks can do on their desktop computer can now be done on a handheld device. Getting the most out of the technology available seems to be endless with millions of mobile apps available for download, offering users entertainment and/or convenience for their busy lives. Farmers […]

Corn Comments 1.27 – Biotech Talk

- In this week’s Corn Comments Podcast, Jim Woster shares some interesting facts about biotechnology and the challenge we are faced with feeding nine billion people by year 2050. Biotechnology is allowing farmers to grow more bushels using less water and fewer inputs, increasing overall efficiency and sustainability.

No-Till Planting on Smith Farms

- Hop in the cab with South Dakota Corn Utilization Council president Brian Smith, a farmer near Montrose as he talks about the advantages of no-till planting and the technologies he uses to increase his efficiencies as he grows the next supply of food, feed, fuel and fiber.

The Challenge of Feeding a Growing Population

- Great video from a TEDx event in Fargo. The speaker touches on a number of topics involving modern agriculture while explaining the importance of using the best technology in order to feed future populations.