SDCGA & SDCUC Joint Board Meeting- June 27

Official Notice Of Joint Board Meeting

 SD Corn Utilization Council

SD Corn Growers Association

Board of Directors

Wednesday, June 27th

At the South Dakota Corn Office


Joint Board Meeting Agenda


 8:00 AM      I.     Meeting called to order

                           Pledge of Allegiance


8:03 AM      II.    Approve Financials, Agenda and Minutes


8:05 AM      III.   Executive Committee Report

  • Conflict of Interest Discussion
  • Board Travel Policy


8:20 AM      IV.   Sanford Insurance Benefit to Members


9:05 AM      V.    Financial Update


9:15 AM      VI.   Full Board Orientation – History and Office Layout


9:45 AM      VII.  Break


10:00 AM    VIII. Paulsen Survey Update


10:45 AM     IX.  Farm Bill, Ethanol & Trade Discussion/Update


11:15 AM      X.   Break


11:30 AM     XI.  Property Tax Discussion


11:45 AM    XII.  Annual Meeting – Bylaws, Resolutions and Awards


12:30 PM   XIII.  Lunch – Planting Reports


1:15 PM     XIV.  CornPac Committee Report


1:45 PM      XV.  SDSU Research Discussion


2:00 PM    XVI.   Motion for new Industry Rep from Agtegra – Mike Nickolas


2:05 PM   XVII.   Trip Pre-Approval

USGC Export Meeting (October 22-24)

USMEF Meeting (November 1-3) 


2:10 PM   XVIII. Other Business