SDSU Saline/Sodic Soil Workshop and Field Tour – Redfield

South Dakota State University in conjunction with the South Dakota NRCS and South Dakota Corn Utilization Council, will be hosting a saline/sodic soils workshop and field tour on July 9th at the Armory in Redfield, SD.

The event costs $15 per person includes a workshop in the morning, lunch and a nearby field tour to follow. We ask that you please pre-register.


8:45 am Registration

9:15 am Welcome David Clay, SDSU and SD Corn Utilization Council president Reno Brueggeman

9:35 am Doug Malo, SDSU – Definition of the Soil Related Salt Problems .

9:55 am David Clay, SDSU – Soil Testing and Interpreting Soil Test Results.

10:15 am Cheryl Reese, SDSU – Soil Amendment Impact on Soil Salts

10:35 am – Problems Tiling in Saline/Sodic Soils

10:55 am Jim Millar, Precision Soil Management

11:15 am Sharon Clay, SDSU – Managing Vegetation in Salt‐Affected Soils

11:35 am Shane Jordan, NRCS‐DC – Program Options to Implement Perennial Vegetation in Salt Areas

Demonstrations, Armory Parking Lot: NRCS Rainfall Simulator & Soil Stability Tests – Handheld soil electrical conductivity (EC), pH meters, moisture probes, etc. – Cheryl Reese, SDSU

12:00—1:00 pm Lunch, Sponsors: SD Corn Utilization Council

Afternoon Activities ( 1– 3: 30 pm)

Field Site Visit

Soil Pits: Differences Underground, Salty vs. Non‐Salty Soils

Soil Amendment Plots





Bookings are closed for this event.