December 2016

Official Notice Of Meeting

SDCUC & SDCGA Board of Directors

 Saturday, December 3, 2016

At the SD Corn Office

9:00 AM – Executive Committee Meeting – Keith, Troy, Doug, Reno, Justin, Ryan and Lisa Richardson  


10:00 AM       I.         SDCGA and SDCUC Board Members only – To Discuss Industry possibilities for the board. 

 10:30 AM       II.        Reno Brueggeman will call the meeting to order for the SDCUC

Keith Alverson will call the meeting to order for the SDCGA

                                    Pledge of Allegiance                         

10:32 AM       III.       SDCUC approval of agenda, minutes and financials

SDCGA approval of agenda, minutes and financials

10:35 AM       IV.       Friends of the Big Sioux – Dana Loseke

 11:35 AM       V.       Discussion/Break                               

11:45 PM       VI.      SD Rural Electrics – Ed Anderson  

12:30 PM       VII.      Lunch

  1:00 PM       VIII.    Discussion/Break

   1:15 PM       IX.       SD Legislative Update – Teddi Mueller

                                    Upcoming Bills/IM22

   1:45 PM       X.        National Policy and Outlook – Lisa Richardson

 2:15 PM         XI.       Board Updates:

                                    Field to Market, NCGA Board meetings, NCGA Strategic Plan – Keith Alverson

USMEF/Livestock Discussion– Steve Masat

ACE Meeting – Troy Knecht

Soil Health Meeting – Al Miron

Industry Update – Roger Krueger

3:15 PM         XII.      Staff Updates:

                                    Trade Team – Randy Hascall

State Exec Meeting – Lisa Richardson

GrowingOn – Teddi Mueller

Showdown Football Game – Teddi Mueller

New Campaign – Teddi Mueller

Carbon Project/Grant Update – Lisa Richardson                                

 4:00 PM        XIII.     Annual Meeting Update:

Night Before, Day events and Evening Events

Awards – No legislative Award



Silent Auction Items/Gator Tickets

SDCGA Elections –

  • District 4 – (Brian Renelt) – Not eligible for re-election
  • District 6 – (Steve Masat) – Eligible for re-election
  • District 7 – (Jim Burg) – Not eligible for re-election
  • District 8 – OPEN

SDCUC Elections –

  • District 4 – (Ryan Wagner) – Eligible for re-election
  • District 6 – (Justin Davis) – Not eligible for re-election
  • District 8 – OPEN
  • District 9 – (Nick Jorgensen) – Eligible for re-election

  4:05 PM        XIV.     Action/Discussion Items:

                                    Upcoming Board Meeting Agenda:

SDCUC – Audit, Board Pre Budget – National Budgets and Local Programs

SDCGA – Audit, Sec. of Ag and State Legislative Update

 4:10 PM        XV.      Commodity Classic Trip Check

SDCUC Attendees: Scott Sperry, Reno Brueggeman and Al Miron

SDCGA Attendees:  Keith Alverson, Troy Knecht, Doug Noem, Steve Halverson and Jim Burg

Trip Pre-Approval: USGC Meeting in February – Ryan Wagner

 4:15 PM         XVI.     Adjournment