July 2020

Official Notice Of Board Meeting

SD Corn Utilization Council

SD Corn Growers Association

Board of Directors

Thursday, July 30, 2020

At the Washington Pavilion

Schulte Room

301 S. Main Ave

Sioux Falls, SD



Board Meeting Agenda


10:00 AM      I.     Meeting called to order

                           Pledge of Allegiance


10:02 AM      II.   Approval:

Financials – January-June


Minutes – January Board Meeting


10:05 AM   III.    Travis Paulson, SD Towns and Townships Association


11:00 AM   IV.    Office Updates


11:45 AM   V.      Working Lunch – Maizall Discussion, Governor’s Biofuel Coalition


12:30 PM    VI.    SDCUC 2020-2021 Budget Discussion


  • National Corn Growers Association (NCGA)

-Doug, Grant, Laron, Dave, Gary, Chad


  • S. Grains Council (USGC)

-Travis Strasser


  • S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF)

-Jeff Burg


  • Ag United for South Dakota (AUSD)

-Taylor Sumption


  • American Coaliton for Ethanol (ACE)

-Robert Walsh and Jim Klebsch


2:00 PM     VII.   Ag Consumer Report – Paulsen


2:45 PM     VIII.  D.C. Policy Update (Stabenow, Waterways) – Lisa


3:15 PM     IX.    Industry Update – Wes Chambers


3:30 PM      X.      Office Update

  • SDCUC 2020 Election
  • PUC/Dept. of Ag Update
  • GrowingOn Update
  • Corn Cob Open Update
  • Showdown Series Update
  • Annual Meeting Update
  • State Fair, Sioux Empire Fair Update
  • Annual Report
  • Corn Pac Committee
    • Doug Noem, Scott Stahl, Travis Strasser, Dave Ellens, Mike Cronin
  • FBN Grant
  • NRCS Update
  • Appoint Secretary/Treasurer for SDCUC
  • Office update (Health and Staffing of Office)

 Adjourn – Break for tour