June 2015

Official Notice Of Joint Meeting

 SD CORN Utilization Council

SD Corn Growers Association

Board of Directors

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

At the


SDCGA/SDCUC Board of Directors

8:30 AM

SD Corn Office

 Joint Board Meeting Agenda

  8:30 AM    I.       Meeting called to order

                           Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Approve Financials, Agenda and Minutes

Executive Committee Report

 8:45 AM     II.      District Updates – Problems, Concerns or Ag activities happening in

your districts. 

  9:15 AM    III.    Legislative Session Wrap Up Overview – Matt McCaulley 

 10:15 AM   IV.    Wind Power Update – Brian Minish

 10:45 AM   V.     Break                             

11:00 AM   VI.   Carb Update – Ron Alverson

12:00 PM   VII.   Lunch

   1:00 PM   VIII.  Industry Discussion – Ag Bio, Jason Horne 

   2:00 PM   IX.    Ring Neck Energy Update – Walt Wendland

   2:30 PM   X.      Break

   2:45 PM   XI.    SDSU Precision Ag Building Funding/Match Discussion –

Steve Erpenbach – SDSU Foundation

   3:00 PM   XII.   Speaker Wrap-Up Discussion

   3:15 PM   XIII.  Board Conflict of Interest Discussion

   3:45 PM   XIV.  Office Updates:

Railroad – Lisa

                           Syngenta China Issue – Lisa

ACE Board meeting – Lisa

Ethanol RVO – Lisa

Soybean Letter – Lisa

WOTUS – Lisa

Wetland Issue – Jesse

Social Media Lingo – Jesse

New Logo – Teddi

Golf Tournament – Teddi

Membership Discussion – Teddi

Industry Reps on the Board – Teddi

Annual Meeting – Date Change, Venue Layout, Speakers, Resolutions and By-Laws  – Teddi

 Proposals to discuss:

Showdown Series/FFA/SDSU Alumni Building/Sioux Empire Fair

Ring-Neck Energy

South Dakota Pork Proposal

 4:45 PM     XV.   Board Updates:

AUSD Meeting – Jason Kontz

ACE Biofuels Beltway March – Keith Alverson and Troy Knecht

USMEF Board of Directors Meeting – Jason Kontz

NCGA March/June Corn Board Meetings – Keith Alverson

Prevent Plant Update – Reno

  5:45 PM    XVI.  Trip Pre-Approval – Next Board Meeting in August (date?)

                           Jim Burg to Corn Congress

 5:50 PM    XVII. Motion To approve Expenses

  5:55 PM     XVIII.  Upcoming Calendar of Events    

 6:00 PM    XIX.  Motion to Adjourn