June 2018

SD Corn Utilization Council

SD Corn Growers Association

Board of Directors

Wednesday, June 27th

At the South Dakota Corn Office

Joint Board Meeting Agenda


 8:00 AM      I.     Meeting called to order

                           Pledge of Allegiance


8:03 AM      II.    Approve Financials, Agenda and Minutes


8:05 AM      III.   Executive Committee Report

  • Conflict of Interest Discussion
  • Board Travel Policy


8:20 AM      IV.   Sanford Insurance Benefit to Members


9:05 AM      V.    Financial Update


9:15 AM      VI.   Full Board Orientation – History and Office Layout


9:45 AM      VII.  Break


10:00 AM    VIII. Paulsen Survey Update


10:45 AM     IX.  Farm Bill, Ethanol & Trade Discussion/Update


11:15 AM      X.   Break


11:30 AM     XI.  Property Tax Discussion


11:45 AM    XII.  Annual Meeting – Bylaws, Resolutions and Awards


12:30 PM   XIII.  Lunch – Planting Reports


1:15 PM     XIV.  CornPac Committee Report


1:45 PM      XV.  SDSU Research Discussion


2:00 PM    XVI.   Motion for new Industry Rep from Agtegra – Mike Nickolas


2:05 PM   XVII.   Trip Pre-Approval

USGC Export Meeting (October 22-24) 

USMEF Meeting (November 1-3) 


 2:10 PM   XVIII. Other Business