September 2017

7:00 AM Executive Board Meeting – September 7

*Ryan, Robert, Laron, Troy, Doug and Travis Mockler




7:30 AM         I.          Ryan Wagner will call the meeting to order for the SDCUC

Troy Knecht will call the meeting to order for the SDCGA

                                    Pledge of Allegiance                         

Approve agenda, minutes, and financials for both organizations


7:35 AM         II.        Drought Update – Board Members


8:00 AM         III.       Dicamba, Drought and State Update – Secretary of Ag Mike Jaspers


9:15 AM         IV.       Break           


9:30 AM         V.        Applied Ecological Services Update – Ry Thompson




10:30 AM       VI.       Annual Meeting Update

                                    Board Meeting Friday


                                    Speaker Line-Up


11:00 AM       VII.      Legislative Update


12:00 PM       VIII.    Lunch


12:30 PM       IX.       Lisa Updates

                                    Farmbill – Update base Illinois Corn


                                    RVO letters to sign


1:00 PM         X.         Executive Committee Report


1:10 PM         XI.       Industry Report – Bob Schmidt


1:25 PM         XII.      Trip Report Questions


1:35  PM        XIII.     Board Pre-Approval

                                    USMEF – November 1-3 in Tucson, AZ – Jeff Burg


Commodity Classic – February 26- March 1 in Anaheim, CA

Reno, Laron, Scott Sperry, Al, Troy, Doug, Scott Stahl


1:45 PM         XIV.     Precision Ag Summit Discussion


2:00 PM         XV.     Dicamba Discussion – Kevin Bradley – inviting Paul Johnson to attend


3:00 PM         XVI.     Break


3:15 PM         XVII.   Ag In The Classroom Presentation – Tim Olsen and Cindy Heidelberger                    



4:00 PM         XVIII.  Proposal Discussion – Ag In The Classroom, SDARL, Soybeans


4:30 PM         XIX.     Adjourn