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Farm Bill Hearing in Sioux Falls

Posted on May 18, 2010

A number of issues were addressed at the U.S. Ag Committee’s Farm Bill Hearing held on the Augustana Campus in Sioux Falls on Tuesday morning. South Dakota Corn Growers Association President, Gary Duffy, testified in front of the committee touching on a majority of the topics.

Crop Insurance

“Federal Crop Insurance is the greatest risk management tool producers have. No one knows what Mother Nature is going to do. Crop insurance is efficient and effective for all crops.”

Conservations Security Program

“The Conservation Security Program is a step in the right direction. South Dakota has the fifth highest enrollment in the program…Producers are very aggressive stewards of the land, and this program has awarded them for their efforts. “


“Biotechnology holds great promise for farmers and consumers around the globe. Biotechnology benefits growing economies and the environment. South Dakota has the highest use of biotech traits in the nation at 96%. Biotechnology is a necessity with the worlds growing population…American Producers stand ready to meet this challenge. In order to meet the demands of a growing world, biotechnology is a necessity in order to provide food, fuel, feed and fiber.”


“Ethanol is the largest market for South Dakota corn. We need to extend VEETC immediately. We need E15, blender pumps…and vehicles with flexible fuel technology, now!”

Developing Rural Economies

Wind energy, cellulosic ethanol and broadband internet were discussed as additional ways to assist in the development of rural America. South Dakota is behind in wind energy compared to its neighboring states, but holds great potential.

Helping Young Farmers

It is widely noted that the average age of the American Farmer is 57. Both the panel and Ag Committee showed their concern and realize more needs to be done to address this issue. Ensuring that young people can strive and prosper in agriculture is vitally important to all rural communities across America.

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