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South Dakota Farmers Feed Us

Posted on August 19, 2010

South Dakota Farmers Feed US

South Dakota’s family farmers and ranchers have devoted their lives to feeding the world ever since immigrants first settled on the soil. Farming and ranching is a lifestyle that is devoted to providing consumers with a safe, abundant, nutritious and affordable food supply while caring for our animals and land.

South Dakota farmers and ranchers will be celebrating their accomplishments this starting this August with a promotion called, South Dakota Farmers Feed Us, offering an opportunity for all South Dakota residents to win a free breakfast, lunch and dinner by way of free groceries– for an entire year.

South Dakota residents can register for two grand prizes of “Free Groceries for a Year!” courtesy of South Dakota’s farmers, at Upon visiting the site, consumers register by “meeting a South Dakota farmer” through a short video that shows how they produce safe, nutritious and affordable food. Consumers can register with each of the eight featured farmers daily through Nov. 6, the end of the 90-day program. Two $5,000 grocery prizes will be awarded to two lucky South Dakota consumers.

In addition to the web site, the 90-day campaign includes television advertising, along with outreach to news media. There is also a strong social media component with opportunities for consumers to interact with the farmers on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
The Farmers Feed US website features beef, corn, dairy, egg, hog, soybean, and wheat farmers from across the state, each sharing information about their farm and their family. In addition to guiding visitors through their registration for free groceries, each farmer also offers a brief online tour of their farm.

South Dakota’s corn farmer represented is Kurt Stiefvater of Salem, SD.

“I’m proud to share the story of my family’s farm and the work that goes into producing corn for food and fuel,” said Stiefvater. “South Dakota Farmers Feed US is a great way to deliver positive messages about agriculture and food production to people throughout the entire state.”

Kurt and his wife Kathy raise corn, soybeans and alfalfa near Salem. They have three daughters, Megan, Lauren and Karlie. His family has owned the farm for nearly 50 years. Kurt has been active in the South Dakota Corn Growers Association for years and currently serves on the board.

South Dakota Corn Utilization Council is a sponsor of the program, and Ag United for South Dakota is leading the coordination and roll out of the program. The Center for Food Integrity based in Kansas City has implemented the Farmers Feed US programs in other states and will also assist with implementation here in South Dakota.

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