This Is Farming Showcases Sustainability Efforts

- Just as the state’s farmers work to harvest their crops this fall, South Dakota Corn is rolling out a new season of This Is Farming to display those efforts with a campaign filled with new facts, ads, videos and a fresh look. Farming is a family business in South Dakota and to ensure those farms […]

Corn Comments: Stay Positive

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments, Jim Woster encourages listeners to keep conversations about agriculture positive, even with the current lower grain prices. Young people, the next generation of farmers, are listening and they need to know the big picture benefits of being involved with production agriculture.

South Dakota: an “agriculture powerhouse”

- Agriculture has always been South Dakota’s number one industry, but now the state has begun to receive added national recognition with the U.S. Department of Agriculture noting the Mount Rushmore State as an agricultural powerhouse in a blog last week. And it’s hard to argue with them. As detailed by the USDA, South Dakota farmers […]

Corn Comments 5.4 – Congrats & Good Luck Graduates

- Mobile Link Congratulations to this year’s high school, technical and university graduates and best of luck in their future endeavors. As Jim Woster notes during this week’s Corn Comments, there are opportunities aplenty across the state of South Dakota working in agriculture. Much of the demand has stemmed from the increased use of technology and data […]

Corn Comments 3.2 –

- Mobile Link You’ve seen the TV ads, now visit the website to learn more about South Dakota’s number one industry, agriculture. Jim Woster shares information about This Is Farming and more in this week’s Corn Comments segment. March Membership Madness – Become a new or renewing 3-year member of the South Dakota Corn Growers Association […]

Corn Comments 2.9 – Soaring Technology, Opportunity

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments podcast, Jim Woster visits about how new precision technology is being incorporated into South Dakota farms and ranches. Playing a major role in transitioning to these new technologies includes our young people who are vital to the future of the state’s number one industry. Just like the new technology, career opportunities in agriculture […]

This Is Farming: Stories about food, work and life

- It’s well known that agriculture is South Dakota’s number one industry with an annual impact of $25.6 billion, totaling more than 30% of the state’s economic activity. While these numbers speak for themselves, helping folks understand the deep-rooted impact that agriculture has on our everyday lives has never been more important and continues to be […]

Study details agriculture’s enormous impact in SD

- $25.6 billion (that’s billion with a b). That’s how much economic activity the agriculture industry in South Dakota generates annually according to a new study published by the state’s department of agriculture. The 2012 numbers in the study reveal that the $25 billion plus generated by agriculture accounted for more than 30% the state’s entire […]

Corn Comments 5.12 – Congratulations Graduates!

- South Dakota Corn congratulates this year’s college and high school graduates. As Jim notes in this week’s Corn Comments, there are wonderful opportunities in agriculture in South Dakota for those looking to attend college or technical schools, and especially those who are looking for a career. Available spots for this year’s Corn Cob Open are going […]

Bee Health Concerns Create Buzzworthy Efforts

- Bees may be only one of Mother Nature’s 20,000 pollinators, but they are one of the most vital and recognizable when it comes to sustaining wild and agricultural plant life. Apiculture (beekeeping) and agriculture have coexisted for hundreds of years and continue to benefit from each other. Here are some interesting stats about bees and […]