Corn Comments 9.29 – SD Corn launches website, mobile app

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster introduces South Dakota Corn’s new website and mobile app. We recently updated our website making it mobile optimized and easier for folks to navigate through our different campaigns, facts, showplot and policy information. In addition to a new and improved website, we also have a […]

Mobile apps for farmers

- Smart phones have taken over our world as nearly everything folks can do on their desktop computer can now be done on a handheld device. Getting the most out of the technology available seems to be endless with millions of mobile apps available for download, offering users entertainment and/or convenience for their busy lives. Farmers […]

Download NCGA’s new mobile game: KernelQuest

- This week the National Corn Growers launched a new mobile game called KernelQuest, featuring beloved the character Captain Cornelius. KernelQuest is a game of skill, maneuverability and all-around corniness patterned after the popular game, Flappy Bird. Join Captain Cornelius, our a-maize-ing superhero in green spandex, as he defies gravity and weaves his way across the […]