Ending the RINsanity

- Ok, many of you are probably wondering what is RINsanity? RIN-san-ity: noun – a false and shameful attempt by Big Oil to blame rising gas prices on RINs. RINs, aka Renewable Identification Numbers, are serial numbers given to each gallon of renewable fuel in the United States to track just how much is being used. […]

Cost of turkey less, despite the RFS

- The centerpiece of your Thanksgiving Day feast will cost you and yours a little less this year, according to the American Farm Bureau. Prices per pound of whole turkeys have fallen since 2012, ensuring Americans will have yet another affordable and filling day of thanks. This report comes despite cries of pure hypocrisy from folks […]

You’re no dummy

- You’re no dummy, so don’t let big oil treat you like one. As the American Petroleum Institute and others continue in their misinformation campaign on ethanol, Growth Energy has struck back with a campaign of their own showing the absurdity of it all. Why does big oil hate ethanol? Because it’s costing them a share […]

Pain at the pump

- Anybody else feeling the pain at the pump? Gas prices have risen each of the last 32 days bringing the prices up around 50 cents per gallon so far in 2013. These fluctuations in crude oil trap Americans and nearly all aspects of the country’s economy as this energy monopoly devastates business bottom lines and […]

Consumers win, Big Oil loses in RFS decision

- The South Dakota Corn Growers Association supports today’s decision by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to not waive the Renewable Fuel Standard. In yet another failed attempt by big oil to take down ethanol, America’s clean and renewable fuel, the statistics proved that even with the drought’s impact on corn production, the RFS is […]