Corn Comments – Biotechnology: The Key Ingredient

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster highlights a guest column on biotechnology by recent Milbank High School graduate Kiera Leddy which was featured in the March issue of South Dakota Corn’s Magazine, Emerge. Leddy, a young leader in her community, represented the Milbank FFA Chapter and the state of South Dakota in […]

National GMO labeling bill introduced

- With the growing amount of misinformation being spewed upon consumers about genetic engineering, finding a transparent and science-based approach towards a labeling measure for food has never been more important. Initiatives have now failed in three individual states that would have created a separate mandatory labeling law for foods that contain GMO ingredients. Studies clearly […]

GMO labeling would cost families

- A new study from Cornell University says GMO labeling would cost a family of four around $500 a year in food purchases if a GMO labeling mandate was put into place. But it’s not just families who would be burdened by the costs. Food packaging companies would experience increased costs, farmers would see a decrease […]

Corn Comments 1.27 – Biotech Talk

- In this week’s Corn Comments Podcast, Jim Woster shares some interesting facts about biotechnology and the challenge we are faced with feeding nine billion people by year 2050. Biotechnology is allowing farmers to grow more bushels using less water and fewer inputs, increasing overall efficiency and sustainability.

Corn #Harvest13 video: Gross Farms

- In the latest SD Corn farm video, Bridgewater farmer and SDCGA president Mark Gross discusses this year’s corn crop & the advances in ag technology that allow farmers to grow more corn with fewer resources.

Making a fuss about feeding the world

- A large number of people gathered last weekend in cities around the world, including Sioux Falls, to protest Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). The question we ask those protestors is…why? Put yourself in this scenario…Let’s say you are a pea farmer. If you could grow more peas in your garden, on the same amount of land, […]

The Truth about Biotechnology (Infographic)

- With information about biotechnology becoming such a hot topic as of late due to California’s Prop 37, the grassroots organization, Common Ground, released this awesome infographic “The Truth about Biotechnology.” We recommend that you take a look.  

The Deception of Oz

- Yesterday’s Dr. Oz show was about genetically modified food (GMOs) with the title, “GMOs: Are They Dangerous?”  That alone gives you a good idea of what direction this program was going. Dr. Oz and his radical guests (whom no scientist with any credibility would appear on stage with) blame GMOs as the reason for an […]

Modern Plants More Efficient

- What do you know about hybrids? Not the vehicles, but the plants. Did you know that plants have been bred to gain specific traits for thousands of years? Plants are bred to better compete with invasive species and/or climate variables while producing more. Understanding the complexities about modern plant technology is difficult for people not […]

Biotechnology: Sustainable, Safe and Necessary

- Spring is coming…we think anyways, and with spring comes another planting season where farmers will start growing the next crop to continue meeting demands for food, feed, fuel and fiber in a world that is growing by 200,000 people per day. A lot factors in to growing a quality crop: temperature, precipitation, soil conditions and […]