Corn Comments: Tree Planting Farmers

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster informs listeners about the great deal of conservation taking place on South Dakota farms when it comes to tree plantings.

No-Till acres on the rise in South Dakota

- A new survey released last week from the South Dakota Natural Resources Conservation Service revealed that South Dakota farmers are leaders when it comes to caring for the land. The 2013 Cropping Systems Inventory revealed that no-till practices were being utilized on 45% of the state’s cropland (more than 6.2 million acres), up from 37% […]

861,625 Trees Planted in ’12

- While most news these days about wildlife habitat and conservation in South Dakota may be “doom and gloom,” there is a positive story to be told. During this last year as the detractors chose to shout from the roadsides, farmers and landowners along with their conservation districts were busy planting 861,625 trees across the state. […]

Caring for the land is part of the job

- The land is the lifeblood of any farm. So a family farmer’s number one priority and responsibility is to keep that land healthy and productive by continuing to adapt sustainable practices, applying conservation efforts and utilizing new technologies. More and more farmers are adopting no and minimal till farming practices which are benefiting the soil […]

Corn, Coservation and Wildlife Can Coexist

- A recent study from the University of Michigan claims that too much wildlife habitat, like CRP and native grasslands are being “sodbusted” to grow corn in the Prairie Pothole Region, for additional ethanol production. Due to a lack of statistics, the study doesn’t show clear data on how much of the land used to plant […]