Lingering Goose Destruction and Depredation

- A special August Canada goose season in South Dakota allowed resident hunters an early crack at birds in certain counties as they aimed to fill a generous bag-limit of 15 birds in an attempt to control soaring populations. Population control has been an enormous challenge for the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks […]

USDA predicts record corn yield in SD

- Today’s United States Department of Agriculture August crop production report projected a record yield of 160 bushels per acre for this year’s South Dakota corn crop. If realized, this would be up by 12 bushels per acre from last year. The current record of 151 was set in 2009. Overall, total corn for grain production […]

Record Corn Crop Predicted in SD, US

- America’s farmers continue to overproduce. It’s what they do best, especially if Mother Nature decides to play along during the growing season. Year after year, our farmers continue to grow abundant, affordable and sustainable supplies of food, feed, fuel and fiber for folks at home and abroad. This trend of success will more than likely […]

GrowingOn: Marketing strategies and a challenge

- The South Dakota Corn Growers in conjunction with Farm Credit Services of America have once again wrapped up their fall series of educational opportunities for South Dakota growers faced with grain marketing decisions. A total of seven GrowingOn meetings took place across eastern South Dakota as large crowds gathered to hear Farm Management expert Steven […]

#Harvest13: Taking the good with the bad

- It’s part of a farmer’s creed to never curse a rain, especially if you live in South Dakota, but chances are that unwritten rule was broken this last week by a few growers who woke up to snow or witnessed a continuous drizzle. That precipitation has delayed harvest for many, but there are some positives […]

New Prevented Planting Provisions

- The Risk Management Agency released new rules yesterday on prevented planting in the Prairie Pothole Region to help clarify eligibility for growers. Following the drought in 2012, there was a great deal of confusion from farmers about whether or not a successful crop counted in the RMA’s 1-in-4 rule. Many areas were deemed as an […]

South Dakota Produces 7th Largest Corn Crop

- Despite South Dakota’s worst drought in the past 50 years, it’s farmers were able to produce the seventh largest corn crop in state history totaling 535.3 million bushels in 2012 according to today’s USDA/NASS crop production report. That final total is up six percent from projections in November’s crop report, but down 18 percent from […]

South Dakota produces 2nd largest corn crop

- According to today’s crop production report from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, South Dakota farmers produced the second largest corn crop in the state’s history totaling 653.4 million bushels. That number is up one percent from projections in November’s report and up 15 percent from the previous year. Extreme weather conditions led to a […]

Farmers do their best to raise crops, preserve habitat and help pheasant numbers

- Farmers don’t get much credit for growing more and more crops to meet the rising demand for food, feed, fuel and fiber in a world where nearly 16,000 babies are born every hour.  And they don’t hear much praise for decreasing their use of chemicals or for taking steps to protect the soil and reduce […]