News Flash: Ethanol Produces Food and Fuel

- Have you read a paper lately? If so you might be under the assumption that we are all going to starve and the world is going to end. That might be a bit sarcastic but there is a lot of doom and gloom in the press lately due to the depressing drought (and rightfully so […]

The rise of DDGs

- Distillers dried grains, “work wonders” according to livestock feeders and its popularity, production efficiency and known feed value are all continuing to grow.  Simply put, the byproduct of corn ethanol has suddenly become a highly demanded co-product. A report just last week showed that DDGs has replaced soybean meal as the number two livestock feed […]

The Growing Value of Distillers Grains

- It’s rarely mentioned by the ethanol haters and touted by the rest, distillers grains. Just ask any livestock producer using it, the stuff works and it’s cost effective too. Now a new report shows that its feed value and production efficiency are even better than originally thought. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, one […]

Where does South Dakota corn go? Ethanol

- Ethanol fuel production is the largest user of South Dakota corn consuming approximately 50% of the state’s supply this year totaling 346 million bushels. Ethanol is providing South Dakotans and Americans alike with a domestic, clean-burning, alternative fuel that saves consumers money at the pump and lessens our countries dependence on foreign oil. Ethanol has […]

Where does South Dakota corn go? Exports

-   South Dakota is known for producing an abundance of quality corn and that corn is in high demand abroad with much of the world not able to meet their own food and feed demands. South Dakota farmers take pride in helping feed the world, and those demands aren’t going away anytime soon with an […]

Distiller Grains…The Unsung Hero in Corn Ethanol

- As I type this blog post, hundreds of people are typing and tweeting about how much corn is being used to produce ethanol. What they don’t realize is that farmers are producing more corn with less land to meet everyone’s needs and then some. Besides the increase in productivity, the corn used for ethanol produces […]