Corn Comments: Putting ideas into action

- Mobile Link Jim Woster visits about the positive changes that have taken place across the rural South Dakota landscape thanks to ideas which were put into action in order to improve the world. The old stockyards guy also discusses the success livestock folks are experiencing with the ethanol co-product, distillers grain. Yes corn used for ethanol […]

News Flash: Ethanol Produces Food and Fuel

- Have you read a paper lately? If so you might be under the assumption that we are all going to starve and the world is going to end. That might be a bit sarcastic but there is a lot of doom and gloom in the press lately due to the depressing drought (and rightfully so […]

Ethanol is a BIG DEAL in South Dakota

- 15 ethanol plants in South Dakota generate large amounts of economic activity boosting rural communities all across the eastern half of the state. Those ethanol plants employ more than 900 people who help produce over one billion gallons of clean-burning, renewable corn ethanol. Those same plants, which are also mostly owned by South Dakotans, purchased […]

Livestock remain corn’s #1 customer

- Despite media outlet, Bloomberg’s recently released story titled, “Ethanol Eats More Corn Than Cows,” cattle, chickens and the rest animal feed industry still rank number one when it comes to consuming corn. Bloomberg uses the direct corn use numbers showing that ethanol will consume 5.1 billion bushels and livestock will consume 4.6 billion bushels making a […]

The rise of DDGs

- Distillers dried grains, “work wonders” according to livestock feeders and its popularity, production efficiency and known feed value are all continuing to grow.  Simply put, the byproduct of corn ethanol has suddenly become a highly demanded co-product. A report just last week showed that DDGs has replaced soybean meal as the number two livestock feed […]

Where will South Dakota’s corn crop go?

- As South Dakota corn fields have been cut and only the stalks, stover and cobs remain, you might be wondering just what happens to all of that corn that was harvested? Where exactly will the state’s projected *648 million bushels of corn produced in 2011 end up? South Dakota has three main markets for its […]

Glenn Beck fails Ethanol 101

- In case you didn’t know it, Glenn Beck hates ethanol and has always been very vocal about it including a recent rant using some fear mongering about our national corn supply where he brings up the food vs. fuel argument. Glenn must be desperate for killing some air time because the food vs. fuel debate […]