E 15 Progress?

- It has been 10 months since the EPA first delayed their decision on whether or not to move the minimum blend for non flex-fuel vehicles to E15 from E10. Twice, the EPA has delayed their decision because a lack of testing data. Finally, we may have some answers coming our way. In a Congressional Hearing […]

E 12 is just what America Needs…

- Is it fair to say to that the United States of America is in a slump? By slump, I mean the lack of progress our country has experienced after all of the clean energy debates and legislation in the past year. The EPA has delayed a move to E 15 in non-flex fuel vehicles twice, […]

The Benefits of Moving to E 15

- The ethanol industry is currently awaiting an EPA decision that would move the conventional ethanol blend limit from E 10 to E 15. A decision is expected sometime in mid 2010. Of course there is plenty of opposition, but a move from E 10 to E 15 would benefit the United States in a number […]

The State of Clean Energy Address

- Wednesday night, millions of people watched President Barack Obama give the annual State of the Union Address and he touched on some great topics: jobs, education, economy, climate change, health care, the war on terror and clean, renewable energy. Many of those issues could benefit from something already available and ready to expand…United States Ethanol. […]