Corn Comments: E15, a proven winner

- Mobile Link In case you didn’t know, Jim Woster is all revved up about ethanol. In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim highlights the success NASCAR has had with the blend E15, demonstrating its safety for use, plus its economical and environmental benefits. The South Dakota Corn Showdown Series football game between the USD Coyotes and […]

Kum & Go to offer E15 in SD

- Having choices is a good thing. Especially when it comes to the fuel you put in your car as renewable options like ethanol that save consumers money, reduce nasty tailpipe emissions, lessen our dependence on foreign oil and stimulate the local economy. Now with fuel retailers having success with blend E15, the gas station chain […]

Consumers win, BIG OIL loses with SCOTUS E15 decision

- The United States Supreme Court denied a request from BIG OIL’s lobbying arm, the American Petroleum Institute (API), on Monday to block the newly approved blend E15. A sweet victory for consumers who will save money along with ethanol producers and farmers who work to meet the growing demands for clean fuel and nutritious livestock […]

AAA takes wrong turn on E15

- In a disappointing press piece yesterday from AAA, the travel company advised fuel regulators to suspend the sale of E15 fuel to consumers across the country. AAA’s reasons included that the fuel may confuse consumers and that it would void certain auto warranties. This shameful article forgot to mention that E15 is the most highly […]

E15 fuels the Big 3

- Good news for fuel consumers and the ethanol industry this week as the Big 3 automakers Ford, GM and Chrysler, have all approved E15 (15% ethanol, 85% gasoline) for their non-flex fuel vehicles. According to a recent Feedstuffs article, E15 has been approved for 2013 Chryslers, 2012 and newer GMs and 2010 and newer Fords. […]

E15 for sale at Midway Service near Baltic

- Some folks just get agriculture (the state’s #1 industry) and how much it means to South Dakota and our rural communities. Near the top of that list are the good people at Midway Service, located just seven miles north of Sioux Falls on Cliff Ave/SD Highway 115 just outside Baltic. They have been proud advocates […]

Corn Comments 6.25 – E15

- Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster. Did you know that all of NASCAR runs on E15? A blend of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline, which has been recently approved by the EPA for sale by retailers across the nation. E15 brings plenty of perks to the pump including fewer greenhouse gas emissions, greater energy security […]

E15 clears final hurdle

- Last Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency approved the sale of E15 (a blend of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline) by fuel retailers. This is the final step in what has been a very long and drawn-out process of getting the ethanol blend into the marketplace. A few things need to be understood about this new […]

We can’t wait for E15

- Save money, reduce your vehicle’s emissions, increase your horsepower, support the local economy and lessen our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. These are a few of the many benefits consumers with vehicles 2001 or newer will gain access to with the newly approved fuel blend E15 (15% ethanol and 85% gasoline). Is E15 safe for […]

The EPA approves E15

- Breaking news today from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as they have approved the first applications registering ethanol for use in making E15, a blend of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline. “Registration of ethanol to make E15 is a significant step toward its production, sale and use in model year 2001 and newer gasoline-fueled cars […]