Renewable Fuels Spur Enormous Economic Development in SD

- Most people only see ethanol as a choice at the gas pump. But in South Dakota, it’s far more than that. Besides reducing toxic emissions and reducing our dependence on foreign oil, the renewable fuels industry has an annual enormous economic output of $6.9 billion including 26,000 jobs, $2.1 billion in wages and $581.7 million […]

Flex your fuel at Friendly’s

- Consumers deserve a choice, especially when it comes to fuel for their vehicles, and that’s exactly what you can expect now at Friendly’s Fuel Stop, a new fueling station and convenience store just off of the Baltic exit along Interstate 29 (just north of Sioux Falls). Drivers can see a significant financial savings at the […]

Corn Comments 10.14 – The impact of ethanol

- Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster. What’s ethanol’s annual impact on the South Dakota economy? $3.8 billion. How many jobs has ethanol created in this state alone? 1,900, and the average salary of those workers was an estimated $60,000. According to a study done by Iowa State University revealed that by having ethanol in the […]

E15 for sale at Midway Service near Baltic

- Some folks just get agriculture (the state’s #1 industry) and how much it means to South Dakota and our rural communities. Near the top of that list are the good people at Midway Service, located just seven miles north of Sioux Falls on Cliff Ave/SD Highway 115 just outside Baltic. They have been proud advocates […]

Ag’s Tremendous Impact in SD

- National Ag Week is great opportunity for agriculture, South Dakota’s number one industry to tell its story. The story of hard work and ingenuity filled with both successes and struggles. Farming has never been easy, but with the continued advancements in seed, equipment technology and farming practices the future looks brighter than ever. With the […]

The Renewable Fuel Standard is working

- How can America reduce its dependence on foreign oil, increase its energy security and create hundreds of thousands of green jobs? The answer is the Renewable Fuel Standard which has accomplished all of those feats in the matter of five short years. A recent report from the EIA in May 2011 showed that the United […]

Radical Enviros urge continued dependence on oil

- If you had to guess what a so-called “environmental” group would support when it came down to transportation fuels would you pick: A- old, dirty oil or B- clean, renewable biofuels? The answer may have you scratching your head but don’t feel bad because you’re not alone. Believe it or not the answer is actually […]

Food and Oil Prices Closely Tied

- FOOD vs. FUEL, an argument started by Big Oil which never seems to cease has been sparked once again. Consumers continue to be misled by monster media outlets reporting old data from biased sources. But recent reports from experts around world have again proven that farmers and biofuels are not the cause of rising food […]

Considering Ethanol’s Economic Impact

- Whether you are for or against ethanol production in the United States, an important part of the ethanol equation that can’t be ignored is its economic impact. Ethanol directly employs over 70,000 and indirectly employs around 400,000 people in the United States. These high paying, green jobs are assisting in rural development across America giving […]

The Benefits of Moving to E 15

- The ethanol industry is currently awaiting an EPA decision that would move the conventional ethanol blend limit from E 10 to E 15. A decision is expected sometime in mid 2010. Of course there is plenty of opposition, but a move from E 10 to E 15 would benefit the United States in a number […]