Farmers Fight for RFS as RVO Decision Looms

- There is much for farmers to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: good health, good yields and decent weather. That list doesn’t include commodity prices as farmers face below breakeven prices that better represent the 1970’s era minus modern day input costs. What’s exactly driving those prices down mostly has to do with the large supplies […]

An energy secure South Dakota

- Quietly, South Dakota is among the leading states when it comes to producing homegrown, renewable energy.  The state has 15 ethanol plants that produce around one billion gallons of corn ethanol each year, which ranks sixth in the nation. South Dakota ranks number one in terms of the percentage of its power generated from wind. […]

Combat high oil prices, choose ethanol

-   Anybody else tired of volatile oil prices and the effect they have on prices at the gas pump, grocery store and other transported goods? The price of a barrel of crude oil was back over $100 this week which means the cost of gas, food and many other goods will continue to climb as […]

The Renewable Fuel Standard is working

- How can America reduce its dependence on foreign oil, increase its energy security and create hundreds of thousands of green jobs? The answer is the Renewable Fuel Standard which has accomplished all of those feats in the matter of five short years. A recent report from the EIA in May 2011 showed that the United […]

Ethanol is reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil

- A new report from the United States Energy Information Agency shows that imported oil has been reduced from over 60% of the United States fuel supply in 2005 to less than 50% in 2010. Causes for the decrease can be attributed to the sluggish economy, higher efficiency vehicles and domestic biofuel production. Manufacturing plants producing […]

Consumers deserve a choice

- Right now in America, fuel consumers are facing near $4/gallon gas prices and yet are still mandated to use 90% gasoline in their tanks. Americans are essentially being held hostage to OPEC’s rising oil prices. Sure those with flex-fuel vehicles can use up to an 85% ethanol blend but an overwhelming majority of the vehicles […]

U.S. Energy Goal: Reduce foreign oil, expand domestic biofuels

- During a press conference from Georgetown University on Wednesday morning, President Barack Obama laid out his administration’s “Energy Security” blueprint moving forward. The plan detailed having 80% of our energy be clean energy by the year 2035 which included biomass, wind, solar, natural gas, hydropower, hybrids and also biofuels. “We will aim to cut our […]

The Benefits of Moving to E 15

- The ethanol industry is currently awaiting an EPA decision that would move the conventional ethanol blend limit from E 10 to E 15. A decision is expected sometime in mid 2010. Of course there is plenty of opposition, but a move from E 10 to E 15 would benefit the United States in a number […]