Consumers win, BIG OIL loses with SCOTUS E15 decision

- The United States Supreme Court denied a request from BIG OIL’s lobbying arm, the American Petroleum Institute (API), on Monday to block the newly approved blend E15. A sweet victory for consumers who will save money along with ethanol producers and farmers who work to meet the growing demands for clean fuel and nutritious livestock […]

Choose American Fuel this Memorial Day

- As we pay tribute to our military veterans this Memorial Day, save money on your travels by choosing clean-burning, American-made ethanol when filling up at the pump. With the oil industry drastically raising gasoline prices to record levels and sticking it to consumers just before one of the biggest travel and patriotic holidays of the […]

Conventional or Organic?

- A new study out of the Stanford University School of Medicine shows little to no difference in terms of health and nutrition when comparing conventional and organic foods. While organic foods may be more expensive, it has nothing to do with them being better for you but instead has more to do with the farming […]

Corn Comments 12.5 – Improve and Protect

- Corn Comments Podcast with Jim Woster. Farmers continue to produce more corn on less land, with less energy and less erosion. They care for the land not only becasue it’s the right thing to do but because its the same land they raise their family on. “It’s time that our farmers and ranchers are recognized for […]

Atrazine benefits consumers, environment

- Opinions vary greatly on the chemical atrazine, a herbicide used by thousands of farmers to control noxious weeds that steal moisture and nutrients from their crops. In that mix of opinion, one thing holds true, science. More than 6,000 scientific studies have proven atrazine to be safe and beneficial to both humans and the environment, […]

Tall Tales about Frogs and Atrazine

- Negative reports about atrazine, the most common pesticide application in United States, maybe seem redundant, but yet another was released this week. Dr. Tyrone Hayes, who has been discredited by the EPA multiple times, released another report claiming that exposure to the pesticide, atrazine, caused male frogs to transform into females.  Prior research by Dr. […]

Precision Agriculture and Beyond

- Increased yields, savings in time, reduced runoff, precise application of nutrients and seeds are all ingredients of precision agriculture, which is setting up farmers for future success. With the price of inputs on the rise and margins thin, a farmer’s productivity has never been more important. Precision ag dates back to the 1970’s when laser […]

Biotechnology Making the Impossible, Possible

- In a world growing by 200,000 people per day, farmers have plenty of mouths to feed. Biotechnology is allowing farmers to provide by producing more with less. Biotechnology crops have done everything from providing better nutrition, resistance to pest and crop disease and drought tolerance with future plans of flood tolerate crops. Biotechnology is simply […]

The Benefits of Moving to E 15

- The ethanol industry is currently awaiting an EPA decision that would move the conventional ethanol blend limit from E 10 to E 15. A decision is expected sometime in mid 2010. Of course there is plenty of opposition, but a move from E 10 to E 15 would benefit the United States in a number […]