We can’t wait for E15

- Save money, reduce your vehicle’s emissions, increase your horsepower, support the local economy and lessen our nation’s dependence on foreign oil. These are a few of the many benefits consumers with vehicles 2001 or newer will gain access to with the newly approved fuel blend E15 (15% ethanol and 85% gasoline). Is E15 safe for […]

A costly addiction, an available alternative

- Why does America continue to rely so heavily on the finite resource oil? As a nation we have left ourselves extremely vulnerable with so much to lose. It’s difficult to judge just what kind of damage fluctuating fuel prices have on our economy because everything depends on it. The ups, downs and constant uncertainties hurt […]

Dust regulations gone with the wind

- The EPA will not be regulating dust control on farms. I repeat, the EPA WILL NOT be regulating dust control on farms. In a release yesterday, the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that controlling dust particles from farm related activity will not be included in their upcoming five-year review. EPA officials hope that this will finally […]

Approved E15 label creates concerns, cheers

- The Environmental Protection Agency approved a fuel pump label today for the blend E15 (15% ethanol and 85% gasoline), that the agency had declared safe for vehicles 2001 or newer back in January of this year. The work on approving the E15 blend for non-flex fuel vehicles has been an ongoing ordeal for quite some […]

Murky EPA regulations

- Currently, the United States Environmental Protection Agency is attempting to define the waters protected by the Clean Water Act. While it is in everyone’s best interest to protect our nation’s most precious resource, our bodies of water, the EPA fails to define exactly what a body of water is. In a recent EPA Guidance Draft, […]

Consumers deserve a choice

- Right now in America, fuel consumers are facing near $4/gallon gas prices and yet are still mandated to use 90% gasoline in their tanks. Americans are essentially being held hostage to OPEC’s rising oil prices. Sure those with flex-fuel vehicles can use up to an 85% ethanol blend but an overwhelming majority of the vehicles […]

Congress votes no on Ethanol

- In an attempt to reduce the federal budget, the United States House of Representatives voted to block the implementation funding of E15 to the marketplace through House Resolution 156. While attempting to save money, Congress is actually squandering tax payer dollars as House Resolution 156 will waste the money that has been spent by the […]

Food Coalition Sues EPA over E15

- A coalition of food groups, including the National Pork Producers have issued a lawsuit going after the Environmental Protection Agency for allowing E15 to be used in vehicles 2007 and newer, claiming that it is against the law to bifurcate fuels to different model years. The question now needs to be asked, at what point […]

E15 Clears its First Hurdle

- The Environmental Protection Agency announced Wednesday in a press conference that they have tested and approved E15 for the use in vehicle years 2007 and newer for all cars and light trucks. The approval comes from a Growth Energy request as part of the Clean Air Act. While much of the ethanol industry would like […]

Opposition to E15 is redundant and lame

- With only a matter of days before the EPA announces whether or not vehicles 2007 are capable of burning E15, a blend of 15% ethanol and 85% gasoline, the opposition has kicked their efforts into high gear. Literally hundreds of websites, blogs and tweets have been posting something like, “Tell the EPA to stop untested […]