Sully County Voters Approve Ethanol Zoning

- The people of Sully County, South Dakota have spoken loud and clear with last night’s election results showing overwhelming support for the zoning of the proposed Ring-Neck Energy ethanol plant to be built south of Onida. According to KCCR radio in Pierre, Sully County residents submitted 530 yes votes to 142 nay votes. A 62% […]

Corn Comments 5.11 – Woster’s fuel of choice

- Mobile Link What type of fuel does Jim Woster choose at the pump? The answer is South Dakota-made ethanol of course. Jim put 320,000 miles on the black Buick pictured above and all of those miles were fueled by ethanol blended gasoline. Jim also uses ethanol in both his snowblower and lawn blower with no problems […]

Will ethanol be a part of Sully County’s future?

- Voting is underway in Sully County until county-wide election day on June 16th as residents decide whether or not the county wants to take advantage of a new multi-million-dollar, value-added economic development opportunity. The project being proposed is Ring-Neck Energy and Feed, an ethanol plant with ready investors who stepped up and are willing to […]

Kum & Go to offer E15 in SD

- Having choices is a good thing. Especially when it comes to the fuel you put in your car as renewable options like ethanol that save consumers money, reduce nasty tailpipe emissions, lessen our dependence on foreign oil and stimulate the local economy. Now with fuel retailers having success with blend E15, the gas station chain […]

Corn Comments 3.30 – Ethanol is Clean, American-made, Power

- Mobile Link Woster races through this week’s Corn Comments with some interesting stats about clean-burning, renewable, money-saving, American-made ethanol. Ethanol drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to regular gasoline and increases octane power too. E15 is approved for all cars and light trucks 2001 and newer, but Woster has been proudly using mid-level ethanol blends […]

Restaurants Against the RFS

- In today’s world of fast-food, corporate greed knows no boundary as America’s renewable fuels industry is not only under attack from Big Oil, but Big Grease now as well. The attacks on farmers have been seen from the National Council of Chain Restaurants including Wendy’s, Arby’s, Domino’s, McDonald’s and many more in what seems to be […]

Corn Ethanol’s Carbon Intensity On the Decline

- In just the past seven years, corn farming has changed dramatically. America’s corn farmers clearly see the increasing demands for safe and affordable food, feed, fuel and fiber around the world and have answered the call. Farmers have invested and continue to invest in advanced seed genetics, precision technology, high efficiency equipment and water management […]

RFS: Cheers to 7 successful years

- It was 2007 when Congress passed a bold and monumental law that put the country on a long-term path of using more American-made, money-saving, renewable transportation biofuels in place of costly, environmentally-damaging, imported oil from nations that despise our freedoms and values. And since President Bush signed the Renewable Fuel Standard seven years ago today […]

PUMP explains oil’s monopoly, explores options

- It’s no secret; oil has had a monopolistic hold on America’s transportation fuel supply for nearly a century. This has undoubtedly hurt American families due to high and volatile gasoline prices, along with nasty and harmful emissions that continue to pollute the air we breathe. With laws, regulations, subsidies and about everything seemingly in their […]

Good news for the RFS?

- It has been nearly one year since the United States Environmental Protection Agency released its proposed 2014 numbers lowering the Renewable Fuel Standard (a target mandate declaring how much renewable fuel the United States will consume). A proposal that could be potentially damaging to America’s corn farmers and biofuel producers who have grown into an […]