Corn Comments 10.13 – Pheasant Opener

- Mobile Link Jim Woster kicks off this week’s Corn Comments with a reminder of the pheasant opener this coming Saturday. Good luck to all of the hunters, stay safe out there. Did you know that corn prices are less than half of what they were a year ago? Funny how those who blamed so many […]

Corn Comments 1.6 – The cost of corn

- Corn Comments Podcast Do you remember about a year ago when the price of corn had jumped due to the drought and worries grew about its potential impact on the price of food? Well, we told you then that corn’s impact was insignificant, just as it is now. For example, the value of corn in […]

Corn prices down, food prices up

- Source: USDA – The industry group dollar demonstrates that the cost of food equals the sum of value added by all supply chain establishm If you can remember back to last year during the drought when corn prices were around $7/bushel, folks were very concerned about how much it would raise their food prices. Yes, […]

Food Prices and Drought

- As the drought continues to affect crops across the country, many have begun to speculate about what it means for food prices. Corn is without a doubt a very important part of our world’s food system, but the effect it has on prices at the grocery store is not. For instance, at $8 per bushel, […]

Not so costly corn

- It’s amazing how misinformation can spread these days with nothing other than uneducated opinions and easy-to-blame targets. This seems to be especially true in regards to our rising food costs and assumptions of what’s driving up those costs. Some media blast ethanol production and high corn prices as the reason for your growing grocery bill […]