Giving #FoodThanks

- The week of Thanksgiving reminds us all to be thankful for the many things we have in our lives: family, friends, health, homes, jobs, etc. In addition there is something most Americans take for granted but also couldn’t live without – food. With a growing disconnect between farms and consumers, more and more people have […]

Win BIG on Facebook at the State Fair

- South Dakota Corn will be set up at the State Fair on Thursday, August 30th with a number of fun and interactive activities for kids and adults alike. We will have the Amazing Corn Adventure trailer, the Ag Rules Movie Theater, the Corn Conundrum Activity Book, corn crafts, fun prizes and our $100 Grocery Giveaway […]

Why we need a Farm Bill Now

- With the 2008 Farm Bill set to expire at the end of September of this year, the need for a renewed commitment to farm policy needs to take place now. So why is this important to you? Why should you care? The Farm Bill sets America on a path to ensure a sustainable, healthy and […]

Crop Insurance: Giving food a fighting chance

- With the wheels of the new Farm Bill currently in motion in D.C., out have come the attacks on Federal Crop Insurance. While the usual misleading arguments are thrown around from one newspaper to the next, the truth remains: Federal Crop Insurance works for all farmers and it is the best risk management tool available […]

Examining Your Food Dollar

- It’s always interesting to see where the money goes for the goods you buy, especially the necessities like food. As you can see from the graphic above, the money you spend on food is divided between various industries. When breaking it down, it seems crazy to think that only 10% of that dollar goes to […]

Feeding More with Less

- The 2012 Precision Ag Conference was filled with great speakers, who concentrated their message around one task, doing more with less. Getting more from the land with fewer inputs while improving the overall environment. This idea of increasing productivity is not simply a dream, but a necessity if we plan on being able to continue […]

Back to the Start or Prepare for the Future?

- By now I’m sure you and four million other people have seen Chipotle’s, Back to the Start video featuring the famous vocals of country singer, Willie Nelson.  The advertisement is well done but the message completely misses the mark of reality in regards to food policy. Eating fresh, local food is great, but it’s simply […]

Livestock remain corn’s #1 customer

- Despite media outlet, Bloomberg’s recently released story titled, “Ethanol Eats More Corn Than Cows,” cattle, chickens and the rest animal feed industry still rank number one when it comes to consuming corn. Bloomberg uses the direct corn use numbers showing that ethanol will consume 5.1 billion bushels and livestock will consume 4.6 billion bushels making a […]

Absolute Hogwash!

- National livestock organizations continue to attack American ethanol and the renewable fuel policies which have been put in place to encourage domestic energy production and provide American’s with a supply of clean-burning fuel. Attack after attack by sending letters to media and law makers about how ethanol is hurting their industry by causing a rise […]

Giving Food Thanks

- The week of Thanksgiving reminds us all of the many things we have to be thankful for: family, friends, health, homes, jobs, etc. In addition there is something most Americans take for granted but also couldn’t live without, food. With a growing disconnect between population and farming, more and more people have no idea where […]