Corn Comments – Biotechnology: The Key Ingredient

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster highlights a guest column on biotechnology by recent Milbank High School graduate Kiera Leddy which was featured in the March issue of South Dakota Corn’s Magazine, Emerge. Leddy, a young leader in her community, represented the Milbank FFA Chapter and the state of South Dakota in […]

Corn Comments 5.25 – Jim talks GMOs

- Mobile Link In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster discusses the numerous benefits of GMO crops. Thousands of studies have proven GMO crops to be safe, and they enable farmers to produce more bushels per acre, require fewer pesticides and have helped farmers drastically reduce soil erosion. To learn more about GMOs, visit:

Notorious Anti-GMO activist to speak at SDSU

- Vandana Shiva, an anti-GMO activist from India known around the world will be speaking at South Dakota State University at the Performing Arts Center in Brookings on Tuesday, March 24th at 7pm as a part of the Great Plains Writers Conference. Her lecture will argue against the notion that “industrial” agriculture feeds the world and […]

National GMO labeling bill introduced

- With the growing amount of misinformation being spewed upon consumers about genetic engineering, finding a transparent and science-based approach towards a labeling measure for food has never been more important. Initiatives have now failed in three individual states that would have created a separate mandatory labeling law for foods that contain GMO ingredients. Studies clearly […]

Consumer Reports publishes, promotes misinformation on GMOs

- *This post comes from our friends at the National Corn Growers Association  A report recently published by Consumer Reports contains several factual errors and promotes misinformation in a way that is counter to that publication’s stated mission, the National Corn Growers Association said today. “Claims made in reference to the amount of testing GMO products […]

When a doctor prescribes fear

- Let’s not beat around the bush. Dr. Oz is an extremely successful television host, but he is also a hack when it comes to health facts. This is especially true when he talks about GMOs and biotechnology. Yesterday, without any data or research on his side, Dr. Oz orchestrated a monstrosity demonizing a herbicide (DOW […]

Corn Comments 7.14 – SD Cornfields are Carbon Sinks

- 7.14.14-R140702-CC In this week’s Corn Comments segment, Jim Woster discusses a recent study from South Dakota State University which found that South Dakota cornfields have become carbon sinks over the past few decades thanks our farming practices, increased yields and cold weather climate. The result of cornfields capturing carbon leads to a cleaner environment and stronger economy. […]

GMO labeling would cost families

- A new study from Cornell University says GMO labeling would cost a family of four around $500 a year in food purchases if a GMO labeling mandate was put into place. But it’s not just families who would be burdened by the costs. Food packaging companies would experience increased costs, farmers would see a decrease […]

Get the facts on GMO’s

- GMO’s. What are they? Are they safe? Why do we need them? Are they in my food? Why aren’t they labeled? There are so many questions surrounding the world of food today, it can be confusing. Especially when it comes to biotechnology, or genetically modified organisms. To help alleviate concerns from the many questions surrounding […]

Got questions about GMOs?

-   GMOs are becoming a hot topic in today’s food conservations. People have questions and understandably so. What are they, are they safe, are they healthy and so on. To help answer those questions and clear up the all of the mis-information out there, a new website has been created. Learn about GMOs, ask […]