#SDharvest15 Photo Contest Winners Announced

- The results are in… But first, we want to say thank you. Not only did we get over 100 awesome photo entries submitted through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but the finalists received over 1,600 votes as our Facebook fans determined our three prize winners! 1st place – Adam Prunty –  $200 in ethanol certificates   […]

Vote for your favorite #SDharvest14 photo

- Voting is underway for the #SDharvest14 photo contest. A number of photos were submitted via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by followers using the hashtag #SDharvest14. SD Corn staff has chosen the top ten entries and they have been posted on our Facebook Contest page for users to vote on. The top three vote getters will […]

Silage Season

- While corn harvest has started in the southern to central areas of the United States, South Dakota farmers are in the middle of silage season. Choppers are making their way through cornfields mincing the plants into feed for dairy and/or beef cattle for the coming year. For those unfamiliar with how the silage process works, […]

Oil continues to rule the rail

- As family farmers, grain co-ops, ethanol plants and other agribusinesses continue to suffer from poor rail service for nearly a year now, oil shipments on the rails continue to climb. This is according to the United States Energy Information Administration whose data shows oil carloads topping 15,000 per week and continuing to rise. How does […]

Corn Harvest Begins with a Record in the Forecast

- While it seems early yet, combines have started to roll in a few areas (Armour, Alexandria, Huron & Wagner) of South Dakota as farmers begin to collect this year’s corn crop. As those first bushels start to come in, the USDA-NASS today forecasted a record corn crop in South Dakota. The government agency predicts that the […]

Alverson Farms Corn Harvest

- South Dakota Corn Growers Vice President, National Corn board member and Chester, South Dakota farmer Keith Alverson talks about the 2012 corn crop, the drought, benefits of ag drainage and the advantages of practicing minimum tillage.

Farmers Occupy Corn Fields

-   Something astounding is taking place across the Midwestern parts of United States. America’s farmers have been taking to their corn fields in combines, gravity wagons, grain carts and trucks. Their mission? To harvest the next corn crop in order to meet the future demands of food, feed, fuel and fiber in the United States […]

Ready, Set, Harvest

- Aaaand there off… as combines slowly creep across the South Dakota plains, farmers have begun harvesting their 2011 corn crop. Normally, most farmers would harvest their soybeans prior to corn but this year of course has been very unique in terms of weather and crop maturity. Yet again Mother Nature has again showed everyone who’s […]

National Farm Safety Week

-   September 18-24 marks National Farm Safety Week. While encouraging safety on the farm is not a new trend, it is a very important one. Farming continues to be one of the most dangerous occupations in the American workforce today. The folks providing our world with an abundance of food, feed, fuel and fiber work […]

Corn Silage Season

- Late August and early September, or when the corn fields start turning from green to gold usually marks the start for corn silage season in South Dakota. Chopping corn for silage is a very popular practice, especially among cattle feeders as silage contains high energy nutrients and is easily digestible. Keys to a good silage crop […]