Corn #Harvest15 Update

- The state’s farmers continue to make progress on the 2015 corn harvest as the weather remains warm and dry. According to USDA-NASS, 21% of the state’s corn crop (roughly 1 million acres) had been harvested as of Sunday, October 11th, which is 11% points behind the five-year average. 90% of the state’s corn crop was […]

Corn #Harvest15 Begins

- It’s official, corn harvest 2015 has begun on a few farms in South Dakota as early-planted crops and warm September weather have allowed cornfields to mature and dry down without facing an early freeze.   According to USDA-NASS, 2% of the state’s corn crop had been harvested as of Sunday, September 20th, which surprisingly is […]

Silage Season Has Begun

- Silage season has started in areas across South Dakota as choppers are making their way through cornfields mincing the plants into feed for dairy and/or beef cattle for the coming year. For those unfamiliar with how the silage process works, we have a video of silage harvest from South Dakota Corn Utilization Council director, Jason […]