Corn Silage Resources

- As the drought continues to grow in South Dakota so does the number of farmers who will be chopping up their corn crop for cattle feed. Many farmers who also raise livestock normally turn some of their crop into silage, but nobody planned on having to do it this early or this much. Too many […]

Mobile Apps from SDSU’s iGrow

- To provide South Dakota farmers and ranchers with access to data in the field, South Dakota State Cooperative Extension’s iGrow has created free mobile applications providing on the go information available on certain smart phone and tablet devices. These applications instantly deliver assistance to growers whether it’s identifying pests or keeping grazing records. Having access to  […]

SDSU unveils iGROW

- New leadership in the college of Agriculture and Biological Sciences at South Dakota State University brings new ideas as Dean Dr. Barry Dunn introduces iGrow. iGrow is a web-based cooperative extension tool for South Dakota farmers and ranchers that will function as a home-page on a producers computer, smart phone or mobile device featuring expert […]